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Toribash Insta-Crashing
Ok So Let me give you a background to this issue.

So you know how when you first start up toribash, in the background behind the opening menu theres the first replay you have playing in the background. Alphabetical order and what not.

Well lately it doesn't do that for me (actually for quite a while). It usually just plays the last thing I was working on, or last replay I've made. So if I was working on a Mod, next time I go on to Toribash, It just has tori and uke in the mod where I last left them, or something weird like that. Wasn't causing me issues So I didn't care.

Until eventually, the last thing I worked on, a mod Had uke and tori in a very weird spot stuck in a wall or the ground, this was too much for my toribash to handle, so when the game started up It'd crash instantly from what was going on in the mod in the background with the tori and uke.

Very similar to how when you forget to make your objects static when beginning a new Mod, and they all ghost each other and crash your game when you test it, but then every time you hit modmaker it keeps crashing because it's trying to load that mod. It's like that but instead the home menu.

So I figured out If I click fast enough I could get to Free play or multiplayer before it crashes. And avoid it entirely, (which worked) and from there the game would operate normally. So I did that for a while till eventually what was in the background changed. From me just doing whatever new and didn't have to do that anymore.

Now lately i've been hardcore working on mods, a few. I just finished a mod, and left Toribash, But upon coming back on, it crashes INSTANTLY. so im like ah not this again. So I do my spam click technique, and this time it crashes so fast the menu never even gets a chance to come up. So something is coming up or loading in the background of my Toribash so bad, it's just insta-suiciding itself.

I've tried cleaning out some shit from my modmaker folder where it sometimes pulls the mods it displays in the background from. And deleted the first replay in my alphabetical list just to make sure, and nothing is working.

My Ram and Storage is fine as I was just using Toribash an hour or so ago.
So what do I do? I mean worst case scenario I use the Steam Toribash, but I'd really like my normal Toribash this...
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save your valuable tbash stuff somehwre in a separate folder and clean out your replay folder/mod maker stuff
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It worked, thanks Pal.
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