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Arcade Stick Thread
I play a lot of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and BlazBlue
i was considering shelling out the money for an arcade stick
and i need help picking one out
here are my requirements
layout of buttons for SF and BB so like 4 high and 4 low off seting is optional
i have no problem with an extra button in there to be used as a block button in MK
NOT sanwa buttons, i like to be able to rest my fingers on them and sanwa are to sensitive.

sanwa stick, either octagonal or square bat top or ball
i would like it to work on xbox ps3 and computer
but if i had to choose xbox and comp would be fine
price around 150$ or less
if you can recommend another stick or button company that's fine
i just have heard very good things about sanwa sticks
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You'll not find a 'perfect' arcade stick for sale anywhere, you basically buy one then improve it.

Sanwa sticks are great for fighters, but useless for anything else. Can't put my finger on why, but they don't feel right for other stuff. You'll find that a lot of commercial sticks use Seimitsu instead of Sanwa anyway - cheaper parts, but still good + generally better for anything other than fighters.
(they're ok for fighters, but Sanwa are better)

As for buttons, if you want to be able to rest your fingers on them all the time you're stuck with Happs (and clones) - which aint ideal unless your stick has a lot of space inside it. Granted Sanwa are light, but that's for good reason. Once again, check out Seimitsu buttons, though personally I never noticed much of a difference.

As for restrictors, DON'T buy a stick based on that. They only cost a few $ to buy separately & you get to pick which type you want. Be aware that they do change how the stick feels a lot.

My advice? Buy a stick but don't hit your max budget - leave around $30 - 40 so you can replace parts. I also advise you goto & check out their forum for more info.

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why thank you
happ buttons eh thats aparently what i grew up on (says google). i may have to get some of those.
yeah my main problem with super light buttons is every time i play i end up messing my combos up due to my giant ass hands ;)
hmm i'm gonna have to go with sanwa since it will probably get used primarily as a fighting stick.
there's a joke here somewhere...
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