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<cocacobra> hes like an neckbeardling
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Ingame Tutorials
edit: working on the aikido tutorial using fear's big book of aikido and diamond's abd beginner strategy guide as primary resources

Hi, I'm going to be starting some ingame tutorials along the lines of those introduced in the 5.4 update.

For the out-of-touch, these are NOT written or video tutorials. You can either check them out ingame in the "Practice" tab in the new UI, or, for the lazy, you can check them out in this Concon video:

As long as they meet the standard, these tutorials will be included in the game build by default sometime post-completion. For this reason, I obviously have to be involved in every part of the process to make sure the standard is being maintained.

Current topics I'd like to cover:
- Baseline aikido/Beginner-tier instruction
- Baseline lenshu/Beginner-tier instruction

What do you need for a finished product?

1.) Fleshed out concept
- What are you trying to teach
- How will you achieve this
2.) Written script + Storyboard
- Brainstorm what the replays/showcases will look like, what mods will be necessary, and what approach the tutorial will take
- Flesh out the direction of ALL onscreen text before starting mods, replays, or the actual tutorial
- Make everything as concise and interesting as possible, including story elements to tie everything together and keep the end product from being too dry or boring
3.) Begin mods and replays
4.) Begin ""coding"" of the tutorial using placeholder replays and mods
5.) Finetune replays and script
- Includes keyframing
6.) Clean everything up
7.) possible translations

What will I do?
- Input/Direction on concept
- Help with scripting and storyboard writing
- Any necessary modding
- Any necessary lua work
- Putting together the actual tutorial files

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<cocacobra> hes like an neckbeardling
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I'm more or less OK with having these tutorials being a bit longer than the ones already included in 5.4 as long as they're well structured, with an average play-time of 12-17 minutes being the upper bound Im comfortable with, depending on how interesting they are. If there's enough very solid information where we can make multiple tutorials on one subject, that's fine too.

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Ingame Tutorials
Aikidobigdojo beginner strategy guide!

There are two ways to win in ABD:

  • disqualifying your opponent

  • having more points by the end of the game

Hence, the two simple strategies to start with are:

  • lifting your opponent out of the dojo (DQing them inside is good too, but more complicated.)

  • getting more points than your opponent and holding on until the game ends

In ABD openers are important. They can win you the game outright, if your opponent chooses poorly, but most of time they will just determine how a game will go.
Almost any opener can give you opportunities to go for a lift or a pointhold, but I will describe, in my opinion, the strongest one.

1st turn:

Usually, on the first turn you want to put your hands forward to protect your body from inconvenient grabs(which will happen, if your opponent puts their hands forward and you don’t).
This opener gets it and much more done, it is called a snap kick:

  • To Snap Kick hold all, contract wrists, contract elbows, contract pecs, left rotate chest, left bend lumbar, contract abs, extend glutes, contract left hip, extend right hip, contract knees, contract left ankle, extend right ankle, grab with both hands.


2nd turn:

Now you probably have both of their hands grabbed, so you have to choose, which strategy you will play: lifting and going for the DQ, or kicking and pointholding.

  • To lift your opponent, you’ll need to do approximately this:

    Extend wrists, extend elbows, raise shoulders, extend left hip, extend left knee, extend left ankle.


  • To kick, you’ll have to do this:

    Lower shoulders, extend left elbow, extend left knee.


After the 2nd turn

  • if you’re lifting, you need to put one leg with a contracted knee forward and use it to step(by extending or relaxing the knee and extending the hip) to push your opponent further and out of the dojo.


    Keeping them almost right above you is advised, if you’re trying to walk to the edge of the dojo.
    If you’re trying to lift them out in a single strong motion, keeping them at an angle of about 45 degrees is good.

  • If you went for the kick, you probably have more points by now, so your task is to not DQ until the game is over.
    Ideally, you’d like to find yourself and your opponent in a position called ‘’tripod’’, because it is the hardest position to get points or DQ somebody in.


    Or you could try to lift them out now, by doing approximately the same move that you would do on the 2nd turn, if you were lifting.

Now, this tutorial may raise a few questions, like:

What do you do if you don’t get to grab both of your opponent’s hands?
What if you went for points, but your opponent managed to get more?
What if your lift got countered and you’re about to be suplexed?
What if your opponent grabbed your leg on the first turn?
What if your opponent went for a snap kick too?
What to do when you realize you can’t lift them out of the dojo?
How to finish a lift properly?
How to maintain a tripod position?

and, maybe, many more. They might be answered in future tutorials!
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<cocacobra> hes like an neckbeardling
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all very rough drafts of half completed products, will continue updating

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Awesome I was pretty curious about any for this ill give em a look through to see how things are progressing
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