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Originally Posted by BeanSprout View Post
Why do us humans continue to separate ourselves in groups and names? Why can't we all be human beings?

Because it is in human nature to discriminate those who are different from us?
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Discrimination has two meanings, I assume you meant the one involving prejudice (wikipedia's definition). If you did indeed use this meaning of the word "discriminate" then I am afraid that your point that humans naturally try to oppress that which is different to them is a good one, but it is not extremely relevant to BeanSprouts query. Separating people into groups and naming those groups fits with the other definition of "discriminate", the one which is synonymous with the word "discern". In this case recognising differences between people is simply observant. In some cases naming these groups is counterproductive and really bad for equality (leading to the bad kind of discrimination (racism and stuff)) but recognising a physiological (biological) difference between the sexes is sensible in a lot of ways. We can all be human even if some humans are different to others (not necessarily better or worse, just different).

That is all.
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The laughs hit at section 2.e

The purpose of the Statute is to

<Faint> the rules have been stated quite clearly 3 times now from high staff
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Sexism is bad, it exists, and it's aimed against women. Non-crazy people who are feminists fight against that. Build a bridge and get the fuck over it.

I also love how Proto has to do "research" (read: googling) on trivial shit such as this. And Pig is just an asshole like usual. Could you all just stop beating the dead horse here?

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Let's drop all the personal digs, guys. Trying to make this place friendlier.

Anyways, this discussion has gone on far past its expiry date. I don't think anybody would be too upset by me closing this (if you are, PM with some good reasons to re-open it).
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