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Originally Posted by Velair View Post
it's weird hearing "no one can judge you for your uniform"

I'm from a low income neighbourhood where just about everyone's parents make the same amount of money (using this as a sort of point of how retarded the above statement is), and surprisingly you'll still get roasted for wearing uniform, and the gang bangers roast anyone not wearing designer clothing (like True Religion chinos or Ralph Lauren polos). Idk if this counts as contributing but obviously uniform doesn't solve bullying issues. If someone is ugly or isn't capable of ironing their clothes, wearing uniform isn't going to stop them from being roasted.

Uniform is really asinine to me, because some of these schools have set uniforms that cost like $50 for the pants and $30 for the shirts. So it's not saving parents money.

I could buy cheap uniform clothes for the same amount as regular clothing so what difference does it make. At this point it's more of like a conservative way at looking at schooling requirements. There's no actual reason on why uniform is good or bad.

Everyone that goes to your school will probably be the primary crowd which you associate with, and everyone would be wearing the same clothes or they'd be kicked out, so the bullying would be diminished with school
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In the UK we all wear uniforms until college (at 16). Honestly, uniforms aren't a bad thing. You look smart, everyone looks the same and you don't need new clothes every morning. I don't know how uniforms could possibly promote bullying. If anything they reduce it greatly.

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This is probably the #1 essay subject for 8th/9th graders in luxemburg
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Well in the past,
they were all naked at school(probably learned shit).
But they had not these problems like we.

Lets learn from our past generations, they were like throwing stones and looking for plants
school never wasn't more than learning stuff that you need to learn.

Imagine you go to school and there is no things as scenes, fashion, categories, clothing.
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school isnt a place for self expression. its a place for learning and discipline. if you can't handle wearing a button up shirt and pants 5 days a week then you shouldn't bother getting a job, since that's what you'll have to wear in the future
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