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Old Jan 29, 2015   #1
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The threat of Ebola is becoming bigger in the US.
I'm not joking or making an idiotic joke about Ebola. They're talking about getting kids vaccinated from Ebola or something on the radio this morning. Do you think we need a vaccine? Or do you think there is an alternate solution?
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The alternate solution would be washing your hands. It's not airborne. Observe basic hygiene and you are fine.
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This is weird news stuff. I doubt Ebola will ever be that bad. If you look at the people in countries like South Africa, notice how they are very unclean and dangerous places to be. Even if someone in America got Ebola, the chances of living are even greater due to the care given throughout a lifetime of good health and not to mention hospitals.

A vaccine shot would be a waste of money in my opinion. Just until Ebola turns into zombies of course.
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Old Jan 30, 2015   #4
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if it mutates and becomes airborne, then we're all pretty much fucked. thankfully, at the moment ebola poses no risk of becoming a pandemic.

however, these stories talk about the possibility of it becoming airborne, with a ton of over-exaggeration:

and then you've got these stories stating that the possibility of a mutation is *ahem* bollocks:

answering your question, too early for vaccines.

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Old Jan 30, 2015   #5
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It takes a ton of years for a mutation to occur btw.
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And with that guy who had Ebola and became a "zombie", i bet the media made it more then it should have. Probably another relation too bathsalts WHILE he had Ebola
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Old Jan 30, 2015   #7
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If i remember correctly, Scientists have predicted Ebola ending this year. I haven't heard much about it though.
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Old Jan 30, 2015   #8
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Originally Posted by -Link View Post
It takes a ton of years for a mutation to occur btw.

Please at least try to google things before you make incorrect statements.
Mutations occur frequently all the time. Viruses have incredibly high mutation rates because they do not possess mechanisms to repair damage like cells do (DNA repair). Most mutations have either no or negative effects for the organisms though.
The particular mutations required to make a virus airborne are incredibly unlikely.
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Old Jan 30, 2015   #9
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I mean that the changes would more or less happen over time then become airborne radically, due to the fact it's so very unlikely for a mutation like that to occur. It's a series of mutations that would be more probable. The basic mode of transportation doesn't just "change"

Sorry for not clarifying.
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Old Jan 31, 2015   #10
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The problem with this is that mutations are definitively random so it could become airborn in a day or it could never happen. I feel like it is more likely that won't happen.
Biologically speaking I am sceptical as to whether it could become airborne while maintaining the chemical structures necessary for organ destruction.
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