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Originally Posted by Kyure View Post
What is everyone's opinion on a gay couple having a child?

There are no minimum requirements for having a child. If they can acquire one legally they can have it.

The issue of "should just anyone be allowed to have a child" might be one for another day.
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I'm personally Bisexual, I think that people should have freedom to do as they choose. Personally, if both parties are happy (Male + Male and Woman + Woman) I see no issue, it is not hurting anybody only making those two people happy. Homophobia is basically just people who are awkward about it or very Controlling, I was slightly awkward about it too. However, I still find gay birth thing slightly odd, like what Elton John did. My hero is Neil Patrick Harris and he is Gay, but people love him anyway. I reckon in a few years 'Gay' will be legal everywhere.
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People should have the right to love one another. Regardless of Race, Gender, or Religion. The only thing that holds us back from this is people who are delusional and can't think straight. Just let Love be Love.
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I'm not gay, but here's what I think. Gay adoption is fine (although I can't agree with homosexuality) as long as you don't push your children to be gay.
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OK, going to go ahead and slap the brakes on this one. We've gone above and beyond to try to develop this thread into something interesting. Now we're left with the 'blah my personal belief about homosexuality/love blah'.
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