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Old Nov 26, 2016   #1
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Animal Testing
Now for quite some while there have been these debates about testing things
on animals. Some may call it animal cruelty but honestly.
What else do we have to test it on?
I want your opinions on this topic
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bash on or frauwn upon other peoples ideas or
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Old Nov 26, 2016   #2
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Well, this topic is very discussive frome differnet sides.
First point of view is the tolerance to animals.

According to this point of view we should be tolerant to annimals, respect their lives and don't test any medications on they, which could hurt them.

Second point of view is about to stay alive in this world

According to this point of view that we should "stay alive in this cruel world". Law of the jungle "every man for himself," "anything goes," "survival of the strongest," "survival of the fittest," "kill or be killed," "dog eat dog" and "eat or be eaten," and so on, according to this point of view we should do anything to stay alive, so we should do animal testing
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

As for me, sure, it is miserable to harass our lil brothers, but we should stay alive, should fight with diseases to stay alive

And yes, my English not so good to explain all of my feeling about it, but you feel free to ask me anything and I will answer you
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Old Nov 26, 2016   #3
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Well, I feel that testing on animals should be allowed because in the eyes of us humans, we are the most superior animal in the world and we would get weaker animals to experiment on, it's like if a human made another human their pet, it is seen as despicable because it is one of us. And we do need to get medication for life threatening diseases like many forms of cancer. It could also be due to psychological torment, I wouldn't mind killing 100 lab rats to cure cancer but I would mind if I killed 10 humans to cure cancer since the are one of me and it just fucks up your mind. Another thing would be to actually keep humans and animals alive to carry on testing, it costs a tonne more to keep and human healthy than an animal. Also there are animals that have DNA really close to ares so why bother affecting us when we can just use them.

So that's my opinion, yes on testing animals.
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Old Nov 26, 2016   #4
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Rats have a survival strategy which is basically to make more offspring in one go than they can handle, so in the wild, many baby rats don't get a chance to live anyway. This makes me feel a bit less bad about animal testing, for you give the rats a bit of time to live in return for an experiment.

Still, they suffer. Sometimes badly and for a longer period of time. But animals don't have the same moral value for us as humans do, so of course we choose them over our own kind when things get deadly or twisted. I'm okay with animal testing because it is convenient for us, humankind, and doesn't cause long-term problems.

So two questions remain as far as I'm concerned: Firstly, what gives us the right to decide about the life of the rats in the first place? And secondly, where lies the border between human and animal morale?

I wouldn't dare say.
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Old Nov 27, 2016   #5
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I personally don't fully support animal testing
but who else are they gonna test stuff on?
I am mostly nuetral on this subject.
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Old Nov 27, 2016   #6
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I'm no activist or anything, but I'm a huge animal lover so I don't like it, but I think it would be just as cruel to test on unwilling humans... But it if has to be tested on someone, better it be a willing human than unwilling or unknowing animal... Bugs are okay though, fuck bugs
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Old Nov 27, 2016   #7
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if it has to be tested on someone, why not death row inmates?
sure it can be considered as cruelty but these people have done baaaad stuff to deserve their death row, cute little mice have done nothing wrong on the other hand (except for scaring pussies)
i actually dont really mind animal testing that much but only if it's for a good purpose such as fighting diseases.
animals shouldnt have to be treated in such a bad way just because people want to look better with make up
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Old Nov 27, 2016   #8
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Why not test on death row inmates:

  • 1. Limited amount of specimens
Kinda hard to get a good sample base from a very limited amount of people, and also due to point 2. This is exactly why we use lab animals, mostly mice.
We can pretty much breed them indefinitely, therefore we have a controlled sample size.

  • 2. The different physical/mental health of inmates
Lab animals are bred just to be used as lab animals. We can be fairly sure that these specimens do not differ in health, therefore we can assume the chemical we are testing will have similiar if not the same effects on all the specimens.
You can hardly say this for inmates who probably had a longer life before getting onto death row, and were exposed to the prison enviroment. Humans generally differ from eachother.

  • 3. Just because they are death row inmates doesn't mean they aren't humans
By proposing we test on them, you pretty much state that the life of the [lab] animal which is bred for the single purpose of being tested on is the same as of a human.
This was heavily discussed in the last thread, but we pretty much came to the conclusion that comparing the life of a human to that of an animal is foolish.

Now back to animals. Testing on animals has been, and most likely will be, a big part of science as a whole. From the simpler times were some poor guy had to discover that approaching a lion was dangerous, to more advanced studies, such as the discovery of Insulin by studying dogs.

On the other side we have cosmetics. I would highly advice that people do not discuss cosmetics here since this is almost purely a moral dillema. Infact, leaving morality out of the general discussion would probably the best course of action, from my perspective.
Why? Because morality is purely subjective. What you see as right, I might see as wrong, or the other way around. All morality discussion would just boil down to "I think 'x' is right/wrong!" which can hardly be called discussion anymore.

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Old Nov 27, 2016   #9
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For certain break through's I feel it is acceptable but on the other hand I disagree.

Really torn on this subject because on one hand I feel it is needed to advance as a species but on the other hand I feel bad for the animals because they have no idea what we are doing. They assume the can trust us just to possibly poison them and that to me just sounds awful.
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Old Nov 29, 2016   #10
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I feel like we can test on animals however the animal we test it on should not affect its society to much
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