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I have no idea what you're trying to prove.

1) Luck isn't needed to be a good E-Sport, example Chess

2) Toribash can't be solved. That's ludicrous. It's not even a finite game, mods change the conditions constantly.

3) A game can have gigantic amount of luck and still be an E-Sport. Look at Hearthstone, that game has a metric shit ton more luck than Toribash, and it's an E-Sport with pro players, teams, tournaments, YouTube channels, streams, etc.

4) One reason Toribash isn't an E-Sport is its boring to watch it played well. Two 3rd Dan black belts doing flips and shit is fun to watch, but it's sub optimal. Spending 80 frames stuck in shovel position in TK was boring as hell for everyone involved, but it was THE strategy to win matches in Toribash's most competitive tournament. Same argument about shovels.

5) Another reason Toribash isn't an E-Sport is a complete lack of game development. I started playing this game when I was too young to drive a car, I now have a college degree and a career. People my age are actually getting married now. Since I started playing - there haven't been major changes to game development at all. Mod makers don't even have access to quintessential tools to make interesting mods.

This game is outdated, lacks development, is boring to watch, and hangs on exclusively by its community. Ironically, this forum has people logging on everyday to chat, but might not even have this game installed anymore.
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