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Mr. Montenegro
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[Shadows of Brimstone] Campaign playthrough

Intro to the story of ''Shadows of Brimstone''

Adventure One: Mayor's Daughter

In the frontier town called Buckwit, our heros: Cpt. Snake, Black Crow, El Pirata and his brother Jesus, found out that town's mayor has gathering second posse to send into local Dark Stone mine and save his lost daughter, Jennifer, that was snatched evening back by some nightmarish creature.
First posse that went to look for her never returned and town's people were too scared to try to form the second rescue party. When the mayor offered a 100 $ prize for any man that would go inside that mine, our heroes stepped in.

And this is what happened:

That mine was one dark hellhole. You could wonder off ten steps and get lost never to be find again without the lantern. Immediately our heroes were pressured by tough choice - Black Crow found out a cross passage. There were three possible directions to go and all of them were the same. Which way to go?
Snake though for a minute, spat on the ground and told his companions: ''We go left. There's an awful stench coming from there... Something died there. Might be our query, might be a wold of hurt, but in any case, that's were we going.''
Before they stepped in, Jesus stumbled on something laying in the corner, close to wall. It was a remnant of a body, ripped arm and parts of the rib cage, maybe someone from a group that went inside before them. Few coins, bathed in blood were scattered around, first loot for the party.
Then they went inside the huge room, that was actually a track stop. Immediately they knew what happened with town folks that have entered that wretched place before them.

In the back of the room a huge rip, a portal, to another dimension, another world, has been opened. In front of it, a large group of twisted bodies were advancing slowly toward our heroes. Undead army that were a decent town's folks before, now horrific, rotten flesh. And on both sides of the track stop, large piles of corpses, things wiggling inside of them - more zombies to get lose and ready to join the fight. Our heroes retreated from the room, guns blazing. Black Crow shot 3 slugs and downed one zombie, while Snake thrown his boot knife lodging it in the skull of one of the undead miners. As they run out, El Pirate stormed to the room entrance and thrown dynamite inside. Explosion shook the mine as 4 zombies were blown up to pieces. In same time Jesus blown away one zombie closest to the door with his shotgun. As they managed to lower the numbers of this dreaded army, they got courage to step in. Black Crow, together with Jesus attacked the corps piles as they started to spawn more zombies. With few stroke of tomahawk and shotgun blasts they were finished quickly.
Last zombie's head exploded as Snake unloaded his colt peacekeeper from point blank range.
Fight was over in few minutes, but all our heroes felt the chill of the grave... Like someone just opened the doors of hell and all dead creatures became stronger. Darkness has rushed toward the mine exit, they knew this...
As a loot the found some dark stone shards. El Pirate found a small wooden plank with Mark of the Void. If attached to weapon with use of 2 dark stones it would give a bonus damage against creatures from the Void.
They agreed not to go through the portal. But they marked the room and decided to go back to this mine next time and explore the other world it leads to.

So, they went back to cross passage and this time went forward.

What they found was a large, cavern type room. A waterfall room, filled with murky underground lake. They started to traverse that black water with caution, every step was hard and treacherous. Black Crow saw something glimmering under the surface and tried to grab it. Whatever it was, it turned his stoic face into grimace of fear, but his sanity hold, and he quickly returned to group, into light circle of the old lantern.
Just as they were almost out of the waterfall room, all around them dead bodies sprung into ambush! Nine zombies surrounded our heroes and started pouncing at them with unholy force. Cpt. Snake again used his trusty boot knife and dispatched one zombie in a blink of an eye. Jesus blasted some, and Black Crow managed to bash one with tomahawk before succumbing to few wounds, all in blood, trying to get out of the water and brake from the grip of the dead. El Pirate manged to run back and some of the zombies went after him. That made a brake in their ranks, and soon Jesus and Snake dropped few down, until last one was blasted full of holes by El Pirate.
By some luck or chance, cpt. Snake found an Eagle Feather. He used it as an ornament on his boot knife which gave him +1 to Agility an Health.

As they passed that water drenched room they entered the Devil's Pit. It was a part of the old mine, a dead-end room. Large pit leading to hell itself was cowered with planks and dead bodies. Black Crow was first to enter and awoke ancient horror inside. Three Slashers, large creatures with hooks for hands, like a nightmare combination of the ant and demon spawn, attacked immediately. Flaying from the ceiling, Hellbats also swooped down on our heroes.
El Pirate grabbed one dynamite stick from his satchel and throw right between enemies. It exploded on short fuse, blowing one Slasher to pieces, and wounding two others. But, these monsters where not of regular kind, they were elite. Hellbats caused more horror damage, and Slashers were immune to critical hits.
They didn't expected a mean, servant of God though. Jesus prayed to almighty to cast a weakness to Slasher that was charging toward him. Prayer was good and monster's skin became soft and vulnerable. One precise blast from the shotgun killed it. As they gunned down Hellbats that were flaying erratic around, Black Crow took a better position and managed to put three slugs from his carbine rifle into the back of the last Slasher. Monster thumped on the ground and it was all over... Our heroes managed to evade any wounds, it was flawless victory against hellish creatures!
In the pile of bones they found some good loot. Snake got few pages of the Lost Diary that was telling a story of the old miner who has found that hell pit entrance. They also found Vicious Axe, that Black Crow was glad to carry, and Jesus got Amulet of Kotak, strange artifact from other dimension.
But, the most important part was that they found mayor's daughter alive! Bruised and crazed with fear, but alive!
When they get to town, they knew mayor will spit out 100 bucks for a job well done.

While Snake thought about the portal that was leading to who knows where... Next time, that will be their destination to explore.

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phantom pain took over me on sunday, sorreh was playing like crazy
tell me about aikido
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Mr. Montenegro
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Clan: fl0w

No problems. I saw that you are deep into Phantom pain so I didn't want to disturb you.
I played alone and with some random ppl. Finished the first adventure and now I'm gonna write and draw what happened during that play-through. It was very good first mission. :}
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