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Just finished my 5th year of uni doing Comp Sci and Law.
Currently working in Software in the defence/aviation space.

Interesting jobs I've worked in the past:
Worked in legal tech and innovation a few months.
Student politics - campus culture executive and director of a multi-million non profit.
Marketing/sales work for my uni.
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Currently in university and working occassionally. Like 3-5 days a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

[Market Squad]

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i'm the frontman for an experimental shadowrap indie boyband that samples ambient Tibetan throat-chanting. i call the project Deaf Clips.

ok no, i'm actually a highschool senior currently in between jobs because I moved recently. i'm aiming to take business and cybersecurity classes alongside working on a music career.

also, sorry, boyband membership is exclusive to TLL members
TLL is in need of new members to convert to elitist standards have fun with
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Originally Posted by Fear View Post
what's your PhD on powas

Socio-cultural phenomenon of e-sports.
and no, not going to research toribash. not esports enough. :^)
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I'm a nerdy Physics teacher

form a queue, ladies
shut up fallu

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Originally Posted by Moop View Post
I'm a nerdy Physics teacher

form a queue, ladies

I'm a nerdy Physics student. Mate with me.
Want to join Origin? Visit this thread.
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I got a degree in aerospace engineering and currently work for a company that makes aerospace fasteners (nuts bolt insulation clips etc) as a manufacturing automation engineer.

This means I try to come up with ways to make our process of making bolts involve less man hours, and more robot hours and such. Then, after I come up with it I show it to my boss and he says make it happen and I do my best to make it to happen.

Doesn't sound very exciting, but I like it.
Click the eet.
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