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Drop kick I think
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Originally Posted by The7thVoid View Post
Drop kick I think

Dropkick owns different head.
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Originally Posted by Lionet View Post
does someone own Chris' old head of a green haired boy with a lollipop theme?

Can you maybe try and find a pic of the head? Can't really remember anything like that from the description.
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Originally Posted by Merc

You are buying the art previewed in these two albums for TC. You have been given access to the art files via email. Awaiting TC.

I bought a mass amount of heads and sets from merc within the last 24 hours. Can someone please help me identify artists?

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I used to own this head texture, can't remember if I sold it though.

Anyone got any information on it's whereabouts?
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The only hint I found in your last threads is this.

It's possible that you sold it through PMs or dueled it, but it's a start I guess

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dragon owns that set im pretty sure ive seen him wear it before
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Nvm all good now

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I'm looking for this set. I've tracked it down to Harry6103 but he's inactive and doesn't have the textures in his inventory. there are several transactions in large quantities similar to the set's worth in his transaction history but I'm not sure when he bought the set, and dont know what date to start looking for in the trans. history. that or he could have given it away free of charge. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you
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