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rlly tho, what was obamas last name?
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Auction House
Welcome to the ToriAuction
So what happens to the items on permanently banned or accounts deactivated for 5+ years? They sit on those accounts...
This would be a way to hunt for the Jewels sitting in very og accounts.
Obviously there has to be some rules and regulations from where the items are taken from. I'm not expert on how grey listed accounts work so this stage of the explanation is gonna stay on the permanently banned accounts rather than any inactive accounts:
Just some info before I list out the details, when I say "Auctioneers" that is me referring to who ever is placed in-charge of the Auction House (e.g: MS)or who ever stepped up to be responsible for it. (e.g HodusSackus, why him? cause memes)
  • The Auction House would be executed a bit differently then the current market. It would be still under market rule but the execution would be different.
  • The account must be permanently banned, this is obvious and doesn't need any sort of context.
  • Art will not be allowed within the Auction House, UNLESS; The artist(s) involved gets some kind of cut or gives permission to the handlers of the Auction to sell it off. This will obviously be a lot harder as some amazing artist are not active anymore
  • Minimum bid will start at a set % higher than original sell price. If the item was a giveaway (e.g: fl0wbot) the items min bid price would be decided by the auctioneers.
  • If the item is still available in the shop (e.g, Chronos force) the item would be recycled back into the shop, as if someone is going to pay more than 75tc for Chronos force lel.
  • The Auction House will have a preset number of Auctions taking place, This allows the Auctioneers to decide whether this is to be a long lasting thing by selecting 5 spots for every 24 hours, OR this could be hosted as an event where there are 20/30 spots at 24 hours to last just a month. (This also depends on how many Items are confiscated from the accounts.
  • QI limits do not affect the Auction House, this would allow people to buy items they wanted at a higher price, i,e meaning this would have the same effect as the marketeers.
  • The items bought with USD only, such as Blind Fold or Eye patch could be sold at a higher TC price, The min bid would be decided by the Auctioneers.

This is what I have come up with so far, If anyone has any constructive in-put or a opinion on this idea, put it down below. Thanks again

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