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Clan: [T]

[T] Clan Video Event (1.200.000+ TC prizes)

Hail, honorable fleshlings!

On behalf of [T] I'm here to present to you the best event since the 2015 Single Player World Cup.
We want YOU to stroke our egos by making the sweetest clan video Toribash has ever seen!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to salvage the lives of 20 inactive but fairly nice old dudes. In return we will fill your pocketbook with more gold than a lonely man can spend on phone sex and booze.

Amazing! Don't miss out!

Being mostly oldtimers we aren't huge fans of modern type editing. We wish for the video to focus on transitions, music sync and most importantly our replays rather than fancy slowmotion and lenseflares.
Introducing the players by name is also essential, we like having our ePeens fiddled!

Spoiler below contains a list of videos we really like that may benefit you for use as reference


As for music we have collected a sample of songs that you may pick from for your entry.

Aditionally you may post or PM me a song and I will approve or deny it based on if we like it

Cool songs

1st: 800.000 TC and their submission as the official [T] clan video

2nd: 200.000 TC

Everyone else who did a cool job: 50.000 TC

If there is still money left in the pot after the deadline it will be distributed to first and second place accordingly

Big thanks to our sponsors and Shook who made the awesome art

Link to replays

We want every member included in the replay folder above to be featured in the video with a name introduction.
We hope to have at least two replays per member, Giantz only seemed to have a single replay on the entire forum so he's the exception to this rule.

Deadline has been extended to March 10 23:59 GMT

If you have any questions or you are feeling uncertain about what we want the video to be like, please, ask us here or PM me
We are here to help you make the best clanvid possible! :D

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Old Mar 6, 2018   #61
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This ^ makes me so happy

also in the prizes section 'distributed' is misspelled as 'distrubted'
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Old Mar 7, 2018   #62
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Clan: [T]

That's a dank ass video data, well done

Bless you, fixed

Saturday the 10th at 23.59 GMT the event will close and the judging will begin, good luck everyone!
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Old Mar 7, 2018   #63
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Clan: [T]

yo that video was SICK
oh yeah
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Old Mar 10, 2018   #64
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Hey here's the vid (I suck at video editing xD)
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Old Mar 11, 2018   #65
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Clan: [T]

Event is now over!
Seeing as we only got two submissions I forsee judging will be short
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;-; C-can I do something for no prize?
Saint's back baby, check out my replays .
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Old Mar 13, 2018   #67
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Clan: [T]

It is done friends, voting is over

Data wins the grand prize, Baltra comes in on an honorable second place

Thanks everyone who made videos even if you didnt finish them, and congratulations to data for winning the big money!

Clan video has been uploaded here:

thanks to Concon for letting us showcase on his channel
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