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Draw goat and get 100k
Yo. The thread says the objective by itself. This is the best event ever.

1. Draw goat
2. Use just paint
3. Post here your goat and the story why your goat is cool. Story must contain one russian word. And also it has to be drawn for lulz. No realism or difficult pixel art pls.
4. The winner will be chosen by the best event hoster and handsome guy - Tarlan in 15/04/2018

Prize - 100.000 toricredits. You could buy that useless stuff like color or something with that prize. So, just try it. Maybe your goat will be the best.

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Originally Posted by Surge View Post

I drew goat as requested.

This is Vladimir Goatin (Владимир Гоатин). He's cool because he has a super funky grey name, as opposed to the peasants with the red names under Goatin's "communist" regime. He also told me he does something with items, I don't really understand his accent though.

Pretty sure the goat in his post and the one in his signature are his different forms. He's an actor, he's proficient in disguise.

Dammit!!!! My idea!!!

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my goat is the best because he is out Free in the wild eating all the grass and pooping on everything he wants to he may not look the best but he damn shure is special in his own way and he is happy with the way he looks cause he cares nothing of what any one thinks and the other goats make fun of him for the way he looks wich made him feel sad so he moved and now he is free from all the bully goats and that is what makes him the Greatest of all time ^^
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the goatest

my goat is the bestest goat because he shoots lightning from his eyes, has tiny murderspears for a goatee, has BICEPS ON HIS FUCKING LEGS, FARTS KAMEHAMEHAS FOR PROPULSION and CAN CAUSE RIPPLES IN THE FABRIC OF REALITY BY FLAILING HIS LUSCIOUS LIPS

also his name is никита
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In days its a normal goat but in nights it put its best adidas jumpsuit on and disappears into the wild russian nightlife

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Originally Posted by Tarlan View Post
@sammylolz: your picture is crushed.

Rip, my computer died
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probably satan
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here is my goat.
His name is владимир.

At a young age during world war 1. владимир was kicked out of his house and had to escape from the police.
As he was running he ran into a pole and started hallucinating, one of those halucinations was the mighty demon goat.
Here he is
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Sup товарищ,
I came here to tell you the story about supah goat.

He comes from another planet and helps everyone: be it goat or no goat. He fights crime and his only weakness is трава as it will drain his power.

However in the pic however you can CLEARLY see he is undercover as he is wearing a tie.

Bash my art so I can improve, would love you for it <3
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My goat
So once upon a time, there was a goat named Scarlet. Her parents loved her even though he was skinny и had freakish legs. она was one of a kind. One day она saw a snake. она loved snakes. она then wanted to become one by eating nothing for 3 whole weeks. And now she looks like this:

она deeply regrets her life choices. Please help her.
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mi cabrita (my goat)
I think she is the best goat in the world.... She once saved me from falling off a mountain. I thanked her and caught her with a pokeball... wait what
After this experience she invited me to her house to have tea and catch fireflies, we had a lot of fun. After a while, she started to feel tired, and i knew it was time to go... But she said "lemme see a couple of things in Toribash forum first" and i was like "bitch you play toribash lolo" and she was like "ye bitch i'm 9th Dan degree lololo"

And since that day we are best friends.

Я голоден
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Wonston Goot wonder why he get mention in thread

Wonston neck is too long

Wonston realize he doesn't belong


Wonston leg pain very physical

Wonston stay cheerful in dark world

Wonston сука блять

Wonston sad


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