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Clan Setup & Guidelines

Setting up your own clan


Getting started with clans can seem daunting at first - there is a lot of information to learn and it's easy to get overloaded.

However, whilst setting up your own clan does take some work, it's not as complicated as you might think. There is a very simple (and short) list of pre-requisites you will need to get started:

Your clan thread

Making your thread is the most creative part of setting up a new clan. There are some must-haves that will be listed here, but keep in mind that anything beyond this is entirely up to you! Cool art, page layout and additional content are all things you can add to make your front page look amazing.

As a minimum though, you must include:

  • A story or description about your clan
  • The clan's aims.
  • If your clan is using a bank, it must be listed clearly.

[!] Without these minimum requirements, clan staff will issue a warning in your thread - if you still do not meet the requirements within 7 days your thread will be closed and you will be infracted.

Making the Toriclan

Head over to this page, making sure you have the requirements outlined in the previous section.

If all goes well, after clicking 'Register Clan', you'll be brought to a view of your newly created Toriclan. Currently it only has you in it though! In order to do nearly all the things you'd want to have from making a Toriclan, you'll need to invite at least 4 other people into your clan. Check out this thread for more details about managing your toriclan, including how to invite people. Once you've done this - congratulations, you've got a fully functional clan. Go ingame to see your new clan tag!

Make sure to use your thread as a hub for your clan to communicate with - if your thread goes unused for too long you can lose ownership of your name and tag - someone else might take them more here). When using your thread, make sure you know the rules of the board.

Parent Clans
Due to a recent incident, we're making an explicit rule against any type of multiple-clan systems, including feeder clans and sub-clans.

Our rational is as so:

Parent-child, sibling, feeder or any type of multi-clans like this circumvent many intentional limitations placed on toriclans:
  • member limits
  • easy war farming
  • easy achievement farming
  • easy xp farming in general
  • much larger (unfairly so) catchment for new recruits
    • two recruitment threads, one usually in a space reserved exclusively for unofficial clans
  • potential to play twice in clan events
  • undefined interaction with activity checking
Not only this, but their greater catchment, experience, resources (more manpower) and potentially unfair appeal due to being tied to an official clan all culminate to create an unfair (or, at best, much more difficult) environment for real unofficial clans.

What constitutes a multi-clan system like this is up to the discretion of clan staff.

What next?

With a working clan, you can
  • Declare war on other clans
  • Post in your own thread with your own rules (so long as they don't override the board rules)
  • Take part in clan events
  • Be part of a group of cool people

But is that the end of the road? Well, no. If you think your clan is at a high enough standard, you can apply to become an Official clan. These are the ones you can see at the top of Clan Discussion, and who have square brackets ingame. How to apply, and what it entails, are discussed in this thread.

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how do I do the thread do I go to edit clan or something else. plz put the link to were I need to go and do it
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Originally Posted by nattie10 View Post
how do I do the thread do I go to edit clan or something else. plz put the link to were I need to go and do it

Edit clan and click "Specify DSC"
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