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(Woah) Woah

Ah, toriland... such a peaceful place, right? ONLY WHEN THERE ISN'T UKES ATTACKING IT! when toriland was attacked, everyone was screaming and shouting in fear, hence the name (Woah). it was only up to one person to stop the attacks.. he was a suicide bomber.
he first shot down the first few ukes, blew some up with a grenade after, then used his raygun that he won from the space shiai items competition to send the terrorists to hell once and for all!
now what does him being a suicide bomber have to do with this? THE TERRORIST GROUP'S LEADER!
he went to the leader's hideout and used all the bombs possible to explode the hideout and all the terrorists.
the land was happy and full of joy again, and the only thing they usually said woah at was seeing something stunning. the bomber's soul was happy (his body surely wasn't though), the peasants were happy, everyone was happy in the greatest land of toriland! also joel is not gay

Take into consideration the emotions of another player before replying to, in-game messages or forum posts. If you seek help then contact a Leader or Co-leader. Clan wars are just for fun and the growth of the clan. No toxic intentions should be toward the enemy clan. Stay active in – game and In forums, Post and chat freely in the Main Clan Thread. If you are inactive and too busy to play, then post in the main clan page. If you are inactive for more than 14 days, without noticing a Leader, then you will be kicked from the clan. Make Sure to stay in touch with other clan mates on discord. Discord is an application designed for gaming communities. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, ions, Linux, and in a web browser. No inappropriate and immature, posts should be sent in any of the Toribash threads.
Follow All Rules stated Above, Failure to Obey to all rules will result to a kick and A Ban List add!

Leader – Co Leader – Council – Gods – Warlord’s – Elitemen – Members – Newbies – Trial! -
Leaders : The clan leader makes the final decision and takes place in major clan changing meetings. He is given private messages when members are in need and accepts and declines suggestions from the council, he also sometimes answers clan applications for roles. They have the power to rank members, kick them, invite people, war other clans, change threads, change roles and finally Change clan name/tag!

Council: Now don’t tell anyone but this role is for those who are Forum Zombies, they don’t sleep for the safety of their members and the Growth of the clan. They see who stays in the clan and who doesn’t but with the final word of the leader, they also answer applications and private messages from clan members. They can also suggest more rules for the clan thread and the discord server. They have the power to invite, to war and to change the clan thread.

God’s : This is the role for the Crazy Good players in the clan, in mods like: AikidoBigDojo, Boxshu, and Twinswords, sparring, tricking and parkoring! They have the power to only cause destruction upon other clans, TO WAR!!!!!!

Warlords: This is the role of those who can make line ups and choose if we war a clan or not however there judgement can be overruled by Leaders, This rank can war only.

EliteMen: This role is the special team who are trusted to get the job done good and fast with very high efficiency. This Role also teaches and trains members below them. They only have the power to invite!

Members: This is role is for the everyday player in Toribash, average skills and excellent hidden potential. They are taught by the Elitemen and can try to win clan events to rank up however they do not have 100% chance in ranking up if they do win. This rank does not have the power to do anything.

Newbies : This role is the new clan members who are having a little trouble showing there talent. This rank gets the most training from the Elitemen

Trial : This is the role of those who want to join the clan but are being judged to be a permanent member they will not yet be added to the Roster

How To Rank Up!
To rank up you must do exceptionally good in wars and clan events. However these aren’t the only ways to rank up. Since Council is a rank for those who make decisions not necessarily playing, to join council you must Private message a leader or Co leader or you can Put a application in the woahdiscord server! Clan Events are held every 2 weeks on a Saturday and the mod is random, Prizes will be old on the day and if we see you’ve done excellent in the event then you will be most likely ranked up. Although we are ranking up for good play You are not 100% Going to be Ranked Up if you win that’s what the prizes are for!

[x] Achieve Clan Rank 1
[x] Achieve Clan Rank 2
[x] Achieve Clan Rank 3
[ ] Rank in the top 10 clans
[x] Rank in the top 50 clans
[x] Rank in the top 100 clans

[ ] Achieve 1,000,000 TC in the clan bank
[ ] Achieve 500K TC in the clan Bank
[ ] Achieve 250K TC in the clan Bank
[ ] Achieve 100K TC in the clan Bank
[ ] Achieve 50K TC in the clan Bank
[ ] Achieve 10K TC in the clan Bank
Donate To the clan bank At least 500tc a week at the account woahbank!
Click Image Below Or The Username woahbank!!!
To keep in touch with the clan then get discord gamers chat website <-- Just click the link but before make sure to make an account on discord. If you do not have discord then just join our Forum Group discussion!! It's called Trance Just go to groups and Add the group or search it on Google. Search Trance Discussion Toribash!!!
If you are in need of any kind of support then please free feel to private message any member of the council or Mattsalt or dreamsalt. THIS IS FOR CLAN MEMBERS ONLY!
- Created By Mattsalt And Dreamsalt -

Follow Our Discord!

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Hi there, unofficial clan only can have one thread at a time. I'll assume that you linked to the wrong link at
Main Clan Thread

. Fix that and everything is okay.
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Gl with this clan
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Oh my god. I legit got headache from reading the text under "ranks". Could format it better. Goodluck with the clan though
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Matt having like an alt in every clan possible
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That story is the most colourful story ever Where did that "suicide bomber" come from? holy shit man, youre cracking me up here!


& the raygun!? D
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LMAO. jere, i tried to make it as funny as possible in the most fucked up way + cringe. i know the story is pure shit. (im dreamsalt)
read the end pls ok thx convict

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Wait wait wait.. whos clan is this again?
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Some random dude i assume lol
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Most likely true, but you never know if it was the almighty hampus with his gang gang squad squad
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