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The Brotherhood Trials

“We work in the dark to serve the light”

Are you willing to cut off the head of a wrong-doer to be a part of the brotherhood?

Objectives? Oh right! You must run this course to get to uke, remember realism is your friend. You must then assassinate uke in the most stylish way possible. Don't forget to grab the dagger!

Nothing is true... Everything is permitted…

Wait no, not everything is permitted here. We’ve got some rules you gotta follow if you want to participate.

You may NOT change the game rules or hack the replay

Your replay will be judged based on how realistic and stylish you were getting to uke, and assassinating uke.

And if you fail to follow any of the rules above as well you will be disqualified from the event.

1st place: + + 80k TC + 5x

2nd place: + 40k TC + 3x

3 weeks from this post.
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w e e b
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Yessssss, I've been waiting so long for another parkour event, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's submissions to this!
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oh i love this mod already! gonna start working on this gj ES
pm me your questions or applications

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I'm clearly going to lose, maybe not even send a submission. But I'll try anyway because who cares?
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realism, welp i know i ain't going to win this.
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Been waiting for this type of event!! :o
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I'm not good at pk but I love assassins creed so ill try
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I hate it knife he no give me normal move!
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I'm trash at pk, but this seems fun. where's the harm in entering.

Nice Op art btw.
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Sure, i'll hop on the bandwagon for this
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