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Originally Posted by Solax View Post
So we're stuck at the first hurdle there.
Two possible solutions to kick off that first step:
1. Community source the replays. Get as many people as possible to upload all their replays that meet the parameters of what we're looking for. The main issue is that there probably still wouldn't be near enough data and it requires effort for people to contribute. Even if you made a script to crawl the replays section and grab all replays and later filter them for desired parameters you'll probably be short.

2. Create a script that connects to the toribash servers and "watches" games being played in rooms. This involves knowing the protocol to connect to the servers and read game data into a usable format that we can then use to train our machine. I did look into this back a bit and I think with a bit of work should be possible. Then let it run, recording games of the mod you want until you have enough data.

The issue with this is that the machine doesn't learn from itself at all in both scenarios. While "studying" replays isn't half bad idea, it means it could pick up just as many bad tactics and moves as good ones, which would get it nowhere.

Starting off with sourcing few thousand replays is definitely the right thing to do, but it's only the first and smallest step. The machine would still have to play tens of thousands of games to "realise" which moves are superior to others or how to counter a certain move. The "countering" part would probably be extremely hard to overcome because it requires acting against what ghost is suggesting. It creates a massive spiral of checking previous games to guess what the opponent is going to do, and even then all it can act against is the most statistically probable outcome. Anything that the opponent does out of the ordinary instantly throws off the AI because it can't act on statistical probability no more.

Idk to me it seems like all too much for a system to handle at this point. Maybe after 10-20 years this would be possible from a home computer, but now it would require loads and loads of processing power. This sort of AI would have to update its database constantly with no end to it since there are infinite sets of moves that can be done every match.

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