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Old Feb 20, 2015   #1
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Opinion on Ragequiters?
How do you feel when you're winning in a match, and your opponent calls you a rude name then leaves?

Personally, it bothers me for a short time, then get over it. Surprisingly.
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Old Feb 20, 2015   #2
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I think that ragequitting is wasting your opponent's time especially when it happens at the end of the match.
I just think it's funny when people below black belt get mad in public servers and start calling me a noob.
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Old Feb 20, 2015   #3
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I like ragequitters.
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Old Feb 23, 2015   #4
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If they wanna take games seriously then that's their problem.
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Old Feb 23, 2015   #5
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I don't mind it as long as it doesn't directly affect me. But if you quit mid game in the tourney and not enough games are played for a tourney. I will scream.
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Old Feb 23, 2015   #6
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I don't mind quitting because someone is upset about losing, it's completely natural, although, I really don't think its nnessisary to start calling names and being a totally bad sport about it. It's still something easily shrugged off.

What I dislike is when people are inconsiderate of a duel or they give their word, and leave a game suddenly because they are upset. It totally ruins everyone's day because the mad person can't handle playing fair. Not to mention it's extremely childish.
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Old Feb 24, 2015   #7
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I love rage quitters! They get all round up for what?!?! Makes me happy lol
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Old Feb 24, 2015   #8
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I don't have an opinion on them really. They exist. Sometimes I fight them.

They can do whatever they want, ragequitting doesn't really make my experience bad unless I'm doing something really sick and want to save it but then they leave so I can't show my friends how pro I am
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Old Feb 25, 2015   #9
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The biggest minus of ragequitters is that you'll never guess either he'll leave or stay till the end of match.
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Old Feb 25, 2015   #10
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I'm not happy about them. They take away my 1 qi (which I don't need), my 10tc (which I don't need) and the replay and rank which shows me owning them (which makes me feel good about myself)

So yeah, I dislike them

I think a good way to solve this would be to like in Dota 2 that they get temp. banned, if they collect too many of ragequits within a given time or achieve a certain percentage of games ragequit in a period of time

I don't mean nothing crazy, but being unable to connect for an hour or 2 because of being a bad person and ragequitting to everyone would be fair in my book
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