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View Poll Results: Attractiveness and intelligence or personality of your choosing?
A & I 28 63.64%
P 16 36.36%
Voters: 44. You may not vote on this poll

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Old Aug 8, 2018   #11
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This should be split into 3 different categories. Also intelligence is what matters the most to me.
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Old Aug 9, 2018   #12
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realistically speaking, we're all going to die and our lives really don't mean anything if we're not enjoying it (in my opinion). Sure, A & I are neat, but I don't take them that seriously because attractiveness is subjective and intelligence comes in many different branches/forms.

if my s/o makes me happy, that's all i can ask for. we'll go through the struggles of life together until the life energy drains from our bodies and into the next.

or whatever dimension hell would be, i guess
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Old Aug 9, 2018   #13
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Personality, She can be the prettiest and smartest woman in the world, but if she's a total bitch then you're gonna regret every second of the relationship
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Old Aug 9, 2018   #14
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Well I feel that if someone does not have a good personality they are not good looking. A bad attitude makes you look like a whole other person in and of itself.
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Old Aug 9, 2018   #15
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Loyalty 8/
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Old Aug 9, 2018   #16
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I was gonna say personality but then I said to myself.
What if they looking like squidward in the face?
I hit the other button.
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Old Aug 10, 2018   #17
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first option cause i like intelligence it can avoid troubles :3
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Old Aug 11, 2018   #18
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EDIT: I may have misunderstood the original question a little. oops. whatever, what I wrote was still fun to ponder about.

As many have already stated, it's silly to choose one over the other because human beings consist of all of the three (or two) choices, and really, what's a so-called "good personality"? Some people like a mild person, some people like more outgoing people, and so on. And someone "intelligent" might be a manipulative narcissist (fun fact: manipulative narcissists, psychopaths etc. tend to be smart; that's why they can manipulate so well.).

Actually, like with personality, what's considered "intelligent"? This may be just me being dumb, but I have to wonder. Is it one who can solve problems well? Or is it someone who remembers many things? Someone who chooses words carefully?

Regardless, if I had to make a choice, I'd choose personality, in spite of my questions. While it won't limitlessly make a person attractive (yes, there are ways to become more attractive, not just plastic surgery or tons of make-up), it can definitely cover for so many things, including intelligence. One might not initially be intelligent, but intelligence can be pursued; one might be overweight, but weight can be lost; one might be smoking, but that can be quit, too. If one is determined enough to seek betterment of the body and mind, is that not already a good personality trait? And while he or she did that, attractiveness and intelligence, at least to some extent, were gained.

Ahh, but maybe the "personality" that is asked is more about if his or her habits, desires, hobbies, and whatever else there may be, match with your own? But then how do you explain the "polar opposite" couples? No, wait, what about the couples that are so much alike?

Argh, I only have questions! And so, I will not answer. Really, all I can do is interact with people, find more about them, understand them, and by extension, expand my own horizons and comfort zone; it sounds stupid to me to have some kind of a checklist to out people who, on the whole, can not be explained with a simple word or a sentence.
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