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(Mafia) Mafia Recruitment Thread

So you think you have what it takes to be a part of our family?

What we're looking for in each rank is:

Consigliere: Someone who knows their way around the forum pretty well and who knows what to do when something goes wrong. You gotta have good judgement on matters involving the clan. There can only be ONE Consigliere, and it's the highest rank next to the Godfather.

Underboss: You're a war leader, so you have to be extremely skilled in tons of mods, but mostly, you have to be skilled in ABD and normal Aikido. You also have to be a leader in battle. There can only be ONE Underboss,
and it's just below Consigliere.

Caporegime (Capo): You're a recruiter, so you have to know people.
You have to get the word out there and get this family known. If you're not comfortable with that, then you're not fit for the Capo position.

Made Man: You're the grunt, but a grunt is just as important as the leader. What you do is fight. No matter what, you fight with honor.
So you'll have to be skilled ingame.


You'll have to tell us what you're applying to be.
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