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Originally Posted by Haluejah View Post
Pretty crazy stuff, I knew something big was coming :>
The replay itself is pretty darn good, but I did see a difference, your styles are somewhat different x)
Over all great collab, good job :^)

Can you pin-point who did what and when?

Yeah it was fun with a parkour collab have never done something like this.
Chill dude to work with aswell, well done.
A true replay maker only knows blood,sweat,tears and glory...ALSO failure, ALOT of failure.
Heeeey check out this brand new video from my main man mocucha:

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[victortb] thanks dude! it was one hell of an experience to collab with swexx, he's got such a unique style, i had to switch up some of what i did to accommodate how he moved! i'm glad we meshed so well in the end, it created a fabulous replay.

[haluejah] i tried my hardest to match his style, but if you look closely you can tell where we started editing :P thanks for the feedback!

[ghostflow] always my man, shoot me a pm and lets collab ;)

[swexx] thanks for the compliment, it was a great feeling to create a parkour collaboration with another well established parkourist. thanks once again!

quick little parkour i did on this sweet cave mod tops made. i did this without any edits and tried to go tf 5 as much as possible. enjoy!
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File Type: rpl Karbn- no edit .rpl (1.05 MB, 19 views)
File Type: tbm tparkour_treasurehunt_1.tbm (26.8 KB, 15 views)
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Darling, great job on the TF 5 No Edit replay. Honestly impressed. You dealt with that quite well and although it was very obvious that it was a no edit from how you dealt with certain obstacles it was still a damn good replay.

"Parkour Extraordinaire"

On the previous page, Cave 5 was fantastic and I implore you to continue it.

The Collab with Swexx was very interesting considering that I've never seen that map finished. Also your styles worked VERY well together so that's obviously a plus.
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All Replays are Totally Lit tbh. Looks perfects. The Run is pretty smooth af. The Flow is good shit. :O I think u are my Favorite Parkour at the moment. It would be cool to call you Karbn - The Parkour Specialist in Mocu ( I wish this could happen )

in Summary: Good Shit 11/10

( Swexx Collabs )

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Swexx collab is something of the better that's come out since last year. Good shit dudes.

New un edited thing, only complaint i have is that it's alot of pointless tricking wich i hate when people do in parkours. But that is solely a personal opinion. Good shit for a no edit run.

SP Replays ............... MP Replays
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Old Feb 6, 2018   #46
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For not editing, it's really good, I was going to complain about the excessive tricking and how you probably did it just to get yourself in a good position to continue the parkour, but I think that's somewhat unfair considering the restriction
oh yeah
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Old Feb 9, 2018   #47
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[zubin] thanks for the cnc man! i'll definitely try to finish it, it's been bothering me that i haven't worked on it

[evil] i'm glad you liked it i would absolutely love a video done by mocucha! i don't think it'll ever happen, but i hope that one day he'll feature me in a video

[xioi] thanks dude, really happy you liked it. working with swexx was a real treat, i had alot of opportunities to try new ideas that could be easily fixed.
i'll take your opinion to heart when i create another no-edit replay as well

[pusga] hey! glad to see you around. yeah, the tricking was purely to get me into position to i could start my run again. trying something like that in about 30 minutes was a tough one, i'll for sure make something better the next time i try it.

here's a replay i've been working on for about two-three days. at the very end i got so fed up with trying to turn to get onto the bridge that i just badly made a stop ad ended it there. i hope you find it fun to watch
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File Type: rpl Karbn- run away v7.5.rpl (4.04 MB, 25 views)
File Type: tbm mirrors_edge_drain_escape.tbm (35.4 KB, 19 views)
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*cough* I want to give you some useful cNc. *cough*

*cough* I love you *cough*

*cough* go die in a hole. With that, I mean please diveroll down the hole next time, as I believe that it would make a more visually pleasing replay. *cough*

*cough* gonna quit again, because that running at frame 200 was so good that I almost closed the game. I loved the way you flourished your knee with every step. *cough*

*cough* did I say that I hated you? My bad, I did not mean this. *cough*

*cough* you snapchat ugly *cough*

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DAmn Karbn you are doing this map and it looked realistic as [email protected]$% anyway
that replay is 9/10 i hope you get up on the bridge please >: <3
anyway it's an awesome replay the wall run was the highlight to me <3
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One of the best parkour replays I have seen man, great job on this replay!
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