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item recolors
ik that you can recolor items paying around 30$ but if i wanna recolor a small item that price changes? for example an drake hand, portable cassette, ninja clw etc?
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Originally Posted by Icky View Post
3D Item forging
Single, Simple Item (Maximum of 500 polys) ................................... $30
Complicated, Single Item (Between 501 and 1000 polys)......................... $50
Item Set (Two or more Items that are Matching or Complementing) ............................. $ - Negotiable
Recolour of existing item (E.g. Pink Blindfold, Blue KameHame Hair) .......... $10 --- You must own the item in its normal form already, this will be traded in for the custom recolour.

It's 10 dollars to recolor an existing item.
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tho for any question to this you should definitiley contact Icky as he's in charge for that.
he can answer you how much something would cost.
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