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Old Jun 14, 2017   #31
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9th Dan Black Belt
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1.) Dominick

2.) 3-4

3.) I used to be a leader of JKD but i left because i was inactive and didn't want to bring the clan down.

4.) I got banne donce for rigging a betting server

5.) Eastern, only english.

6.) I have a lot of experience and i have reached more than 400 hours on steam not including my other accounts. I rarely host because i find it too complicated for my dinosaur brain. Don't do any forums at all.
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Clan: Tron



3.) satire and chill... kicked

4.) idk so i guess not

5.) eastern standard, -5 american and some spanish

6.) i am good at abd i post alot in forums i have never hosted anythin
<(Raven)g3tab0ut> seems like you have nothing nowhere near fate, Jhunter
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1) Damnjanovic, Vuk Damnjanovic.
2) I'm 16 years old and I've been playing since 2011 i believe.
3) Pixels died and I got kicked from PowPow for not being black belt on this account
4) I had one account that I shared with my friend and it got banned permanently because my friend knows to be very racist and offensive sometimes.
5) CET (+1), I speak English pretty fluently and Serbian is my native language.
6) I play a lot abd, judo and greykido, but also have interest in taekkyon and wushu.
*) This account's QI isn't my total QI (as mentioned, I had a different account called vuckimucki if I remember correctly), so I wouldn't say I'm a brown belt, I played a lot more.
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