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Official Modmaking Documentation
Chapter Zero : Gamerules & Miscellaneous Options
  1. Setting Up Basic Gamerules
  2. Advanced Gamerules & Misc Options
Chapter One : Objects
  1. XYZ Coordinates Visual Reminder
  2. Spawning Objects & Basic Handling
  3. Adv Object Options
  4. Setting Up Triggers
  5. Object Joints
Chapter Two : Tori Modifications
  1. Body Objects
  2. Body Joints
  3. Modifying the Points System

~~~~~~~Presented by:
Toribash Staff &
Event Squad Mod Team

~~~~~~~Written by:

Modmaker A-Z

Before You Get Started

To open the modmaker ui through the menu, go to Mods > Modmaker
To open modmaker guickly, go to freeplay and pless Alt+M.

To play finished mods online, upload them here. It can take a few minutes for them to upload and be played in Multiplayer. Uploaded mods cannot be edited, so you'll have to re-upload a new version anytime you want to make modifications to your mod.

Some things can only be done using a text editor such as Notepad, TextEdit, Notepad++, or any other text editor.

Chapter Zero : Gamerules & Miscellaneous Options
Modmaker Ingame Modding Documentation
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Chapter One : Objects
Modmaker Ingame Modding Documentation
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Chapter Two : Tori Modifications
Modmaker Ingame Modding Documentation
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