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Request thread, all kind of art~Logo/Texture/Banner~
Hello to everyone.
Today i open up a request thread where u can ask for anykind of art, exception for videos/gif.
Why i opened this thread, is kinda bcs i need money and i hope u can understand that. This will be like a fiverr on toribash.
Im a student and i need money, you need art, this is somehow help me help you.
I know is somehow rude for me to put it in this way, but thats it.
In this thread you can request everything from:
-Toribash Textures (Head/Set) - Sometimes joints
-Even things to print on tshirt/hoodie.
Im looking forward to work with nice ppl that are serious.
Application form is simple:
-What u want:
-Some referal pics:
-More to add:
-Paying: (variable on what u want)
--Toribash textures: Head(35k+/ 2$+) O Set: (150k+ / 8$+)--
--Avatars(20k+/2$+) Signature (20k+/2$+)--
--Banners(10k+ per banner / 1$ per banner )--
--Prints for tshirts (5$)--
My goal is to achive some money and do some art , i dont have time for a real job bcs im student at engineering.
From now the thread is OPEN for request's.
up for request
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Do you have a portfolio for textures?
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isn't 20k for avatar and signature too much?
I'm in [a] now
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-What u want: Horror Themed set
-Colors/Idea/Info: Mainly something I could wear demon / void with, other colors don't matter much
-Some referal pics: Don't really have much, but I want it to be somewhat like how Akasi was making my set before he gave up
-More to add: Just keep the style horror, I know you don't make symmetric sets which is good, I want the set to be entirely asymmetric
-Paying: (variable on what u want)
Depending on how it looks, I can pay over 200,000tc, currently have 1,000,000tc available

I'm not entirely sure how I want the set to look, so I'm hoping you'd be able to brainstorm some cool ideas. I don't want anything corny on the set like a pumpkin, I want legitimate horror / gore like Membrains Sibling Rivalry Set (you can find this in google images)
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Elias, you can find some of my works in there. I have a new pc where i dont have all stuff i had once.
Vanish, maybe u are right, in that 20k you get both of them.
Wounder , yes, im going to try it out.
up for request
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-what u want: Medusa Horror Head
-colors/idea/info: something that would match with pure and magma perhaps?
-referal pics: thats p much all i got, just recolour it to have the face grey or pure white? And the snakes to dark red magma.
-More to add: Nothing much, as long as it keeps a horror theme
-Paying: i’ll pay depending on how the final product looks, but knowing you’re a good artist, i can estimate a payment of over 50k-100k
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Old Jan 11, 2018   #7
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What you want: matching avatar and signature
Colors/ideas:info: maybe something that can match the vortex color, and I would like the signature to be animated. If it could include the name Do you mind in it that would be great as well. The theme for both could be a vortex colored knight or anything medieval that you can come up with.
Referral pics:
More to add: Nothing
Paying: Depending on the quality of the art, but minimum is 40-50k for both
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Old Jan 11, 2018   #8
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-What u want: Right half of a 512 Texture Set
-Colors/Idea/Info: Cobra, Ivory, Black, Cartoony Human Set with gold bands.


-More to add: Lots of eygptian symbols
-Paying: Any Amount of USD especially for you to start on it before others

PM me for more info
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Old Jan 12, 2018   #9
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-What u want: set (times doesnt matter homie take your time good to see you back)
-Colors/Idea/Info: pure, alpha imperial (a little), void
-Some referal pics: (pictures of xanax and lean and percs and all good things lol... ftp themed) :


-More to add: Shirt, shorts, polo socks, shoes, cool head. repetitive ftp logo and coolness.
-Paying: (variable on what u want) 10 usd
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