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the hell do i do against a shovel/suplex?
these always get me no matter what
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A general rule of thumb is to when you can't beat something, try use it on players more experienced than you and see what they do to counter it.

The short answer though is try to get grips on shoulders and use your wrists, elbows, shoulders and pecs to lower yourself back onto the ground.
If they manage to get you off the ground I'd recommend trying to get enough momentum by throwing yourself up with your shoulders and hips to the point where you can lift them off the ground through momentum, then from there try to either spin yourself back onto the ground OR lift them with enough speed to pull them out of the ring.
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Generally, if you both hold by hands, try to extend pecs, raise shoulders, contract wrists and sometimes contract elbows too. This combination is usually very useful against a basic lift or shovel.

When it comes to advanced lifts, there is no distinct counter. It is very situational and highly depends on grab situation and momentum.

You can practice counters to these moves by opening aikido in singleplayer and lifting yourself with uke, then trying to make a counter move with tori and so on.
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against a lift, extend yourself out so you gain momentum (raise arms, extend wrists, elbows and abs, contract pecs). after that you'll be able to do as smaguris said to try and land on the floor.

watch this match
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thanks to all of you!!!
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