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Old Jan 14, 2018   #11
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my brother bought everything for 800k autobuy via discord.
auction closed.
nice try reta,
permaban me if you wan't so.
otherwise - take into situation, and show me some users respecting, since
you here to help us.
all offers declined.

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Originally Posted by FlyingMonk View Post
first of all, sorry that i didn't noticed about usd bidding,
but as you can see - all those guys also didn't heard that we cannot bid usd lol, while market
sales offer with usd is possible - thats why we thoght its okay.

about that: i already told you that this is not allowed, you edited it out and we're finished on that part

0)(message from my brother: "im betting 800k and autobuy the set)
so my brother offered 800k via discord and now he auto-bought everything and won this auction.
and even before i sent him his sets - he just gifted me all it back, even without transfer.
and i just gifted him those 800k back, before he even finished transfer of payment.

We don't allow discord as proof of purchasing stuff, he there actually is a brother who has the funds to autobuy your sets, please tell him to post here with the 800k bid. That would make it for us both super easy. Thanks.

Originally Posted by FlyingMonk View Post
..I) 1) You also may not accept an offer early once there is one
okay, im not accept reimu's offer and cancel auction.

We both know that this is not how that rule is meant to be interpreted at all.
It means that you're not allowed to accept any offer before the end of the auction
2)if users can cancel their bids even close to auction ends,

.....I) Furthermore, once you place a bid in an auction, it cannot be edited or cancelled under any circumstances.

You can't cancel any offer.

i think that i can decline single offer before i received any transfer from someone.

What would be the point of auctions if you were allowed to accept/decline any offer that you don't like?

p.s - you can permaban me if you wanna. as i said - i appologise about misunderstanding about $$ bidding,
since thought if we can offer it on sales - so auctions is also okay. Now i know the truth and doubt that will
want to start any TC auction in future.

You're free to sell your sets as [Auctions] or in a [Selling] thread, but please follow the rules

thank you for help, all the best, see ya!

I don't think we have finished this one

[Market Squad]

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