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Sphere preview is in 512x.
Tools: Photoshop.
Ben if you don't comment on this I'm gonna be very sad.
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I'm no artist but this is honestly fucking fire.

The eyes seem like they were mapped a little wrong or it might just be because they're slightly too small on the sphere. Personal opinion IMO. Good shit.

Might look different with a proper ingame picture tho, keep it up.
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Hey, thanks.

I think you're right. Looking at some references the eyes could be a bit bigger and closer.

Some of it might be that you can't really see the whites of the eyes for tigers though.
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The artistic ability is there, but the mapping is not; with a little more work it could be quite nice.
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For the bottom portion of the head there needs to be more details / shading, from the side view it looks like he's chewing a gumball, just looks strange. I also don't like how the entire head is colorful then the bottom portion is just black and white with minimum anything. the rest of the head is great though just fix the mapping as others stated.
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Would like to see a more consistent line weight. Face lines are so thin, while the rest are huge, honestly prefer the bigger lines, the smaller ones make the face look so busy.
Thats the biggest thing.

Otherwise, pop a shadow under the chin/jaw to shape the lower half of the face, looks fat atm.

The sides need a better transition. The face is completely separate from the rest of the texture, it needs to flow.
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Thanks for the feedback.

As a whole while making this there where a lot of things I didn't like process-wise. One was that I started & did this in 2048x. Probably contributes to the irrelevant/noisy details. Another was that this was still done in the way that almost all of my previous stuff was. Piece-by-piece rather than working on everything at once and detail/refining where appropriate. I did experiment with different levels of refinement. But since I didn't plan everything out first the transitions are hard and harsh rather than smooth. Notably on the sides where the lines meet like |-. Really thought it would have been better to dump this one (and did all the way up to completion and now). Just because of the process. But decided to finish it anyway. I really don't want to draw piece by piece anymore.

I'm pretty sure I could fix the mapping and throw some stuff on the bottom. The sides maybe but that's just be another band-aid to the root issue. Anyway, there doesn't seem to be much interest in this thing so in this particular case I'd rather not do another iteration.

Also another thing I really don't like about this one is that it's done entirely with a hard brush. I like smooth transitions and gradients. But chillz once mentioned that he felt he couldn't really see "me" in any of my works so I decided to do this one with only a hard brush so that you could see the line work better. It's so annoying to only blend with a hard fully opaque brush. Also didn't go ham on polishing everything, even though ironically I feel that how I just in "me" since I like polish. I mean the coloring wasn't bad, but only using hard shapes was brutal.

Anywho, sorry for the rant. I think part of why I choose to finish this is I hadn't seen one in this style before that I liked. Or honestly even one that didn't just completely fuck up the values. Too bad this one still misses the mark.

Also typed this on my phone, so sorry for again for the rant and any grammar.
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