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It's perfectly possible that OP has some constraints on sharing his sexuality because of past abusive experiences. While sexuality is something that should be inconsequential on how he's treated, you have to consider that for him it may be a legitimate fear.
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Originally Posted by Frosy View Post
In my own opinion, Tran-sexuality is a disorder that has been shadowed by "political correctness." If your opinion is hurtful or unpopular, it will be discarded and not considered. I do support you if you're transgender and wish to seek help, however, If you're going to tell me it is not a disorder, then why is the suicide rate among Transgender people 41%. (Recorded since July 7, 2016) Don't try and tell me it is because of public disapproval or discrimination, because black people have been hated against for years on years, arguably worse than trans-gendered people. however the suicide rate is only 6% (rounded from 5.9) as of 2015, so please if you respond tell me a new, more valid point.

People will not care what you identify as, I don't care, nobody else should care. But if you shove it in peoples faces and force the acknowledgement of your sexuality because you feel different you will become a burden.

My advice to you Anonymous-toribasher is to seek help for this problem, whether it be this number 1-800-273-8255 (Suicide prevention hotline) or find someone who you can confide with in confidentiality in your real life.

There are appropriate places to express yourself, but I don't believe the best place to be on a video-game forum. I hope you didn't expected a warm welcoming from an internet community where trolls and anonymous douche-bags lurk.

I hope for you the best in your endeavors, please seek help.

This is really a respect issue. Not acknowledging someone for how they want to be presented is a sign of lack of respect. It's a really bad social practice, and I think you'll get much more out of your social interactions if you approach them with an open mind. You can acknowledge someone without throwing away your beliefs, all you have to do is to listen. Therefore, the people who are at fault are the people who aren't able to acknowledge someone for what they are. If people consider you a burden for it, you should consider cutting them off, depending on the circumstances.

Just so you know, transsexualism is the act of swapping your physical gender (or has been associated with that recently). The preferred term is transgender for people who define themselves as something else. Also has nothing to do with pansexuality. I don't require you to know your terminology, but it's good to know if you want to show transgenders respect.
Gender dysphoria seems to be accepted as a mental disorder, that is more efficiently treated with validation than psychotherapy. So you can be part of the treatment by being accepting of their condition, or disregard it because of your personal values and end up hurting them. Your choice.
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Have you not told your parents because you're parents are very religious? If not, I recommend talking to them about it, and struggles you deal with. Another thing is that suicide will never be a good answer for anything in life. Be happy even when you are the minority of most people as it makes you unique. I do recommend therapy, not because I think pansexuality is a disorder, but because of the suicidal tendencies and also because of this so called "abuse" you've apparently been through, feel free to PM me more about this as I've tried suicide myself, I may not relate to pansexuality, G, B, or Trans, but I can relate to suicide and abuse. As of now all I can do is give my best of luck to you and your future, stay happy dude.
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Originally Posted by 2017Forum View Post
I am an old player and I'm very active on forums. I made this account to stay anonymous for some things I will tell you about myself. I have experienced abuse in many forms throughout my life and never had much of a father figure. It has lead to me contemplating suicide and trying several times.

Pretty unsurprising stuff. Millennials love to hate father figures (ex: on Father's Day), but this is stuff that happens when they are absent from a child's life. Just like a the kid eventually becoming gay to some degree.
Originally Posted by 2017Forum View Post
I'm keeping this anonymous because I have no idea how the community of Toribash would react to the news that a semi-popular player is pansexual, as I have never seen it before. If you want to know anything else or just chat, PM me or post on this thread. Thanks for listening, it means more than you think it does to me.

If you know the internet well enough, gaming communities LOVE homosexuality. Ever since Kyure became SMod (LUL) and limp-wristed user Ele decided to act like a petty teenage girl towards high staff, the staff themselves became completely intolerant on the word "faggot". If you were around to see users getting one month bans for calling their buddies a "fag" in public servers with 5 people, you should know that Anal Sex is very welcome in this forum (and just look at the replies). People here who have differing views on homosexuality than the modern, soy-infused atheist bugman millennial or baby boomer will be executed swiftly.... if they were to open their mouths and SPEW such BACKWARDS NONSENSE! - and that's why I am on an alt, on TOR, and a VPN. I am a very high profile user and I'm not too interested in having a drone strike deployed on my account by TyZi or Creati0n.
But this account will probably be banned. To those lucky enough to read it before a possible censor and ban, feel free to PM me all your anger over my "irrational backwards hatred". I'll be able to get back to you on another account.
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You are looking for acknowledgement, not respect. Respect isn't really a right in my opinion. It is something to be given and earned.

Acknowledgement and respect are as acquaintance and friend. You can acknowledge someone and not have respect for them. You can be acquainted with someone, but not friends.

An absence of respect does not mean dis-respect is present.

I consider myself a semi popular character, I've told plenty of people I've been balls deep in another dude. Not a single opinion of me has changed, maybe even your attitude attracts negativity. You come off as very vulnerable, so I say this may not be the best medium to get support for this.
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I would talk of different kinds of respect. One kind is as you say, something that's earned through your personal achievements. The other is a respect for the individuality of a person. That respect is something you have to have when approaching someone socially. We're just saying the same thing in different words though, since you can't have healthy social relationships if you don't approach people with a certain amount of respect.

I think you'll find that most sexually divergent people here are comfortable with the word faggot, always found the ban weird myself.
Also, do you think that homosexuality is a matter of nurture? That's ignoring the genetical probability that someone will turn out gay.

It seems you're against homosexuality on religious grounds. Sure, the old way has been to repress your sexuality because of the social stigma and get kids with a woman instead. That doesn't create very happy, healthy families though, when a father is miserable because of not being able to be with the sex he's attracted to. That's the main problem I have with the religious perspective, it goes against human nature. Some things . The past problems with hygiene in gay couples are not as prevalent anymore, and anal sex might be practiced on a larger scale in heterosexual relationships anyway.
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