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Oh probably. Aadane probably has to pay YouTube to create content now as well
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No, they released a new policy and your channel has to have at least 1000 subs and at least 4000 hours of watch time in the last year. to be able to monetize your videos. It's quite controversial some think this is a bad thing and some think it's good, I personally think it's a good thing, because if you can't meet those requirements should you really be earning money off those videos in the first place?
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No yt is still free (for now), it's true about the new requirements to monetize your videos.

1000 subs alright, but 4k+ hours/year is quite alot. Let's say someone was making $50/month on videos because they were made for fun and just a bit of profit. Well shit if you live in Poland $50 is ~170pln and let me tell you, it's about 10% of monthly earnings for most of people here. Working in my country sucks. Also it's kinda killing the dream of having youtube as full time job because for now you could track your earnings and see them grow, even small progress was great so see. Not to mention that THEY ARE REMOVING CUSTOM THUMBNAILS FROM EVERY NOT MONETIZED ACCOUNTS. Just mega rip to new/small chanells...

Better of watching this guy, he explains everything pretty well...
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Hello my fellow clan mates, i've been inactive those days/weeks because i got addicted to Earthbound so sorry :, i've rgh'ed my xbox so i started testing alooooot of stuff on it.

So, you need atleast 1000 subs to actually monetize your videos? if so, it's bullshit i would say; there are some artists that posts they work on youtube, and most of the ones i've saw aren't that famous(mostly they're around 700 subs or less) and some have been moving to Vimeo recently.
Plus, some of the people who tries to make a channel are on their teen ages and have no money, so yeah, if they don't have a job now they can't use YT to get paid because it will take too much time and too low profit, and if they have a "job"(or some way of getting money in real life) they don't have time to make stuff for youtube.
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