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Clan League 2018

It's finally here! sorry! Gather your clan mates, wake up the inactive and get ready for Clan League 2018!
Time is now for your clan to rise up and usurp the belt from Alpha.
Will the conquest of Alpha be over? Or will they reign victorious for another year?

Rules for participation are as follows:

•Anyone found to be in multiple rosters on alternate accounts will be punished. This includes being in several accounts in one roster
•Failure to organise matches will result in disqualification for both clans, unless one clan has been shown to be making more effort.*
•Reporting match scores should include the score clearly, a list of participants and all replays.

*Not including group phase*

This year we're doing a dual phase tournament, this means a group stage and a final stage.

Within your groups you will do a round robin, fighting each clan twice.
The top two clans per group will advance to the final stage, except for the two clans with the least points.
This brings 27 clans down to 16 for the final knockout stage.
The final stage will be a standard single elimination, with a reverse gradient seed (eg starting with 1st vs 16th, 2nd vs 15th, 3rd vs 14th and so on.)

The rules for the quarter finals phase are as follows:
  • A single player can play no more than 3 different modes.
  • A single player can play no more than 5 matches in total.
  • A single player can play no more than 3 matches per mod.
  • Deadline for the quarter finals will be October 7th.
  • 5 Different modes, 5 matches each round, best of 25 (or first to 13).


Lenshu3ng.tbm Taekkyon.tbm judofrac.tbm aikidobigdojo.tbm boxshu_mushu_v3.tbm

Group stage matches

Positionings (greyed out teams are disqualified)

== Won by Alpha ==
•Your clan's own custom 3D item made by our item forgers*
•A clan achievement trophy
•A year of Toriprime and wibbles*
•A choice of any item available to purchase in the shop.* (Excluding subscriptions, collector items and packs)
•12 Shiai Tokens*
•400,000 Toricredits

== Won by Obey ==
•A choice of any item available to purchase in the shop.* (Excluding subscriptions, collector items and packs)
•6 months Toriprime and wibbles*
•6 Shiai tokens*
•200,000 Toricredits

== Won by Undead ==
•A choice of any item available to purchase in the shop* (Excluding subscriptions, collector items, packs, elite tier items and misc textures)
•3 Shiai Tokens*
•100,000 Toricredits

*Items marked with an asterisk are given to each member of a clan*
To qualify for prizes you must have played at least 3 games.

We recommend you use discord to organise your matches, you can find a link to the official toribash server here
Feel free to organise matches in your own servers, or however you see fit.

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That's a happy note to finish on, see you next year!
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