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Originally Posted by MrMiyagy View Post
Gaaaaah, YouTube, you get into YouTube series' and I'll never come back. Like I did with my math. I learned multi-variable calculus in 7th and 8th grade when I started by learning algebra on a YouTube series. Gaaaaaaah. Also, I forgot it because I never used it, but doesn't matter, will make it easier for me to learn when I relearn it.

Are we the same person?
In the 4th grade, over summer, I was on Khan Academy learning about Alegbra and stuff, off youtube and khan.
And give this video a quick look, it's pretty straight to the point and is kinda just a one video and you're good thing.
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See when I was in 4th grade I didn't have access to that stuff. I would have learned calculus in 6th or 5th grade if I had access to it. Khan Academy is more than just Sal though, I think his wife does some History and some other people too, but his videos are the only ones hosted on YouTube I believe. The rest are hosted on their site. Also, I will probably just find a series for coding somewhere and lose all my time to it anyways. XD
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Looking for a game my friend played when they were a kid, maybe pre 2000s, 10 or 15 years ago

It was a game with 3d graphics, some kind of forest, you have a bow and arrow and you are a hunter, at the start you are shooting deer, but there are also monsters. Graphics weren't very good. There's lots of trees that you can walk in amongst. The colors were really basic. It was a pc game. There were red splats of blood when you shoot the things. Might have been first person or maybe you could change view. It would change from day to night some times.

Info may not be reliable since it was so long ago.
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