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clan wars related
1. I'm pretty sure this one has been suggested on the past, yet either i missed it or i can't find it so... Here i am suggesting this. Sending/Accepting a clan war invite through ingame, that would save the trouble of opening your browser to sent an invite/to accept it. I know it is not a huge deal to just open your browser and do that, but that would be pretty neat if it got implemented.

2. A bet for clan wars like a bet but for wars and let say you only can bet at the first match of the wars, and you will get the prize when the war is over. (Just an idea that i come up with when i was warring, decided to put out as a suggestion cos why not)
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They're going to make it so you can bet TC through the clan bank in game on clan browser, but not bet items. This is a little different to that, and I think the reason they won't implement betting items is because exploitable. Can put it up for grabs, them transfer the item out. Et cetera.
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I support the first idea, no problems with it.

2nd one could be rigged so easily. Even rigs in betting servers often go unreported or unsolved, imagine how impossible it would be to report a rig of a clan war.
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