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Toribash Dev
Toribash 5.42
Hi, Toribash 5.42 is now available!

Updates in this version:

  • Ranked tab


    This is a reworked version of the old Matchmaking screen, which allows to participate in Season 6. It shows general season info, your current rank and matchmaking controls, as well as your current ranked quest.
    Global ranking page has also received some updates, including better Elo trends graph.

  • New obj joint behavior
    3D items connected to joints used to utilize bodypart positions which lead to them moving incorrectly when in motion. It's been changed with this update, so now they'll keep the correct position all the time (note: we'll update existing 3D joint items to work according to new standards within a few days - if you own any of those items and intend not to update your game client, make sure you mark them as read-only to prevent rewriting).

  • Other updates
    - Prevent Toribash resolution from being set higher than your screen resolution
    - Discord Rich Presence status when Matchmaking
    - Changed Discord application id to display default Toribash app with our verified server info (looks like this)
    - Quest popups will only appear when you pass 10% mark in progress (e.g. if a quest requires you to play 100 games, popup will only show after you play 10, 20, 30, etc games).
    - Added 'About' screen (can be found in Settings)

30/04/19 Update

Get Toribash 5.42 on Steam, available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Standalone installers:

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Options -> Game -> Profanity filter off.
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Constant crashing with this version. In all my years of playing TB never had it like this. Is there anywhere I can download previous versions?
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