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Clan Spotlight #1

Art made by Life, thanks Life ur the best

Clan Spotlight #1

After a long time, our project is finally finished (thanks Goat)!
It will be through the Clan Spotlight that the Clan Squad team will give you the latest clan news, new official clans announcements, new events, new CS members and more!
Hope you enjoy it and have a good read.

Clan League 2019

Clan league has come to an end! Icky was our great conductor this year, and he certainly did a great job.
17 clans signed up for the event and all the battles were very intense, but like every dispute, there is always only one winner.
This year the big winner was [w] Win! I did a quick interview with Fade and he told us a bit about the feeling of winning a clan league.

<Life> Ok guys so here we are with Fade, [w]'s big brain. First of all, congratulations on the first place, it was completely deserved.
How do you feel knowing you won a clan league? What is the feeling?

<Fade> It feels great man. This is my third year in a row winning but this one was definitely more rewarding. Putting in the time and work into what is essentially a brand new clan just really feels like it paid off. We had a pretty smooth run and few speed bumps here and there, but we pushed through and managed to come out on top.

<Life> When you created [w] did you expect to be champion of clan league?

<Fade> Not to sound arrogant, but yes. Winning Clan League was one of our main goals and we knew we could make it happen. Along the way we all became closer as friends and really had an amazing time doing it.

<Life> [w] is less than 1 year old and has already won it's first clan league. In your opinion what is the main thing a clan must have to get to the podium?

<Fade> Yeah, [w] is only about 9 months old. In all honesty it's not only about how much skill you have stacked up into your clan. It's more about the game plan. If you come into Clan League not knowing how to go about it, you really can't expect to see the greatest results. However, you do need to have a decent amount of skill if you want to compete with the best in the game. In [w]'s case, we had both.

<Life> That's all for today, thank you so much for the quick interview and congratulations again.

<Fade> Thank you! We're looking forward to next year's Clan League, and hoping to see some other new clans achieve their goals. (guys I'm not this corny I promise)

We would like to also congratulate Obey and Fl0w on the second and third places.

More information about Win:

Created on December 2018, Official since January 2019
Founder(s): Fade, Wounder, iTemp

Clan Board | Clan Page
Recruitment | Discord

Clan League fun fact

Did you know that the biggest clan league ever made was the 2014 Clan League? The event was organized by Risk and 48 clans signed up to the event! The big winner of 2014 was Alpha.

Highlighted Clans

In the last two months many things have happened and many clans are doing well with their activity, but some clans stand out more than others.
We always keep an eye on all clans and we have two names that stand out from the others.

Official Clan

[Damned] Damned

Created on Dec 19, 2009, Official since June 2010
Founder(s): Huszti and Tarantu1a

Clan Board | Clan Page

Damned stands out for its activity over the past two months. After resurging from the clan's inactivity, it's now the most active clan in the game!
They have the most wars in those two months, fighting 53 wars, helping them to reach rank 1! Also they have the most posts in a clan board, with 495 posts in two months!
Congratulations to Damned and keep this impressive activity!

Unofficial Clan

(Tau) Tau Dynasty

Created on Jan 19, 2015
Founder(s): Kirakat

Clan Thread | Clan Page

Tau Dynasty stands out for its extreme activity. They are one of the only clans that managed to reach 100% of active members! Also, they completed 27 wars in the past 2 months, helping them to reach rank 5!
Congratulations to Tau Dynasty, keep this impressive work!

Clan Squad news

As you all know, our great Erth has left Clan Squad We are very grateful to him for all the great work he has done for the whole community. Thank you very much Erth!
As substitute, our new Clan Squad leader is Fade! Congratulations Fade, we know you will be a great leader and that together we will do our best for the community.

Also, we would like to welcome our newest member, Mwah!
He has participated in various staff positions, including the former clan council, and now he will be helping us with new events for you guys.

By the way,we have plans to do more clan events! That's right, Clan Squad will now be hosting events along with Event Squad to give you a better clan experience. We are accepting suggestions for events as well, so if you have any original ideas that we can be useful, send a PM to any Clan Squad member.

Now let's talk about rules. We had a slight change in one of the clan rules regarding clan banks. The change was made to reinforce that using your clan bank's toricredits to duel or bet is completely prohibited, as well as using them for your own benefit. Take a look:

Originally Posted by Clan Rules
B) Clan Banks:
⠀⠀Clan banks are player made accounts that serve as a bank for the whole clan, here are some rules surrounding them:
⠀⠀I) When you send toricredits to a clan bank, it's property of the clan. Using the clan's toricredits for your own benefit will result in a ban.
⠀⠀⠀*This includes using the Clan Bank Toricredits in duels or bets.

Clans news

Let's start with some sad news: The [a] Adventure clan has unfortunately died. The decision was made by the clan leaders due to the long period of inactivity they were going through. The clan was Created on Sep 30, 2017 and was Official since Oct 30, 2017.
Rest in peace!

We'd also like to say goodbye to the Team Girl Scouts clan that also died from inactivity

Activity Check - August 2019

This month we had our sacred activity check. It was made by Fade and below I will be leaving the results.

Originally Posted by Fade
Hi everyone. Sorry CS has been pretty quiet recently, we've got some exciting new stuff planned for y'all in the future.

But for now, it's that time again. CLAN COPS ASSEMBLE - ACTIVITY CHECK TIME

August 2019

Some things to note:

First of all, great job to [Aeon] and [Damned] for getting perfect scores! Please accept this medal as a token of my gratitude.

You Rock!

Now on the not-so-bright side of things: numerous clans went from passing the check in the green category to the yellow. While only one clan, [CREAMY], went from yellow to green. This is raising some alarms, so if you don't want the Clan Cops showing up at your door, get those numbers up!

This is also SUPERIOR BIRD CLAN and Elite's first strike, will be notifying them of that shortly.

As for WAPOW, old, and Midnight, however, this is their second (and final!) strike. I will be de-officializing them soon. They will get the opportunity to appeal their death if they can prove to CS that they are worthy of being official again.

Rest in Peace Old, Midnight and WAPOW!

Clans fun fact

Did you know that there are over 2500 registered clans? Yes, 2500. This number includes dead and inactive clans, but it's still a scary number.

For now this is all my friends. Below I will be leaving a little survey for you, member of the toribash community, to leave us your feedback and give us some suggestions!


Thanks for reading and see you next time.

I'm Market Squid, Clan Squad and Super Moderator. Contact me for anything.

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Originally Posted by Life View Post
We'd also like to say goodbye to the Team Girl Scouts clan that also died from inactivity

inactivity.. sure
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Thank you for mentioning the clan im in, Tau Dynasty
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Huge thanks to the Clan Squad! Nice job.

TGS died due to inactivity... we all know that's not the actual reason.

Congratulations to everybody!

Please, add an extended interview, if possible.
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fl0w for Clan Spotlight #2
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I think you should make an additional stuff into "facts" section
Kinda idk, interviews/rumors and else
Maybe some info about old and dead clans, lol
If you mentioning dead guys, we wanna know who they are. (At least i am)
And what they did in toribash community, maybe
Something, what can make unknown stuff more recognizible
Tb community is not big enough, but have a lot of history inside.
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Another fun fact

fl0w went 41-0 against Alpha in CL2019

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All of you are amazeing thank you for mentioning our clan love Toribash whoot whoot
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Reading those type of news are actually pretty awesome so I can't wait for Clan Spotlight #2.

Good luck Clan Squad!
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