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Old Feb 28, 2018   #1
<cocacobra> hes like an neckbeardling
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ES Mod Team is Recruiting!

Excited about mods, and want to focus that into benefiting the community? Consider joining the Event Squad Mod Team!

What is Mod Team?

Mod Team is the ES' team of some of the best modmakers in Toribash. Mod Team's role is to make awesome mods for events such as Golem, Helping Timothy, Santa Dash, and many more; to provide new mods for ingame hosting; and to push forward Toribash's mod scene in general.

What are we looking for?

First and formost, we're looking for people who are passionate about modding. We'll also be looking at your modding skill and your activity. If your modding skill is basic, but you're excited to be involved and you're willing to learn, you still have a chance!

As with all staff, we need responsible people who can be tight lipped about what they're working on when speaking to people not also on the team.

Great, how do I apply?

You can Private Message any free-form application to Icky, Reta, or Pouffy. Make sure to include some examples of your work, any other experience, your GMT, and anything else of your choosing (why you want to join, what else you can offer, etc.).

If you haven't written a staff application before, consider reading Dargon's "How to apply for a staff position 101!"

Application deadline is 3 weeks from this post (March 21st).

Don't post your application in this thread.

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Old Feb 28, 2018   #2
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Can someone with 0 modding experience join

i miss you ocean
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Old Feb 28, 2018   #3
<cocacobra> hes like an neckbeardling
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We're not expecting all applicants to be the best modders in the community; We are looking in large part for the passion to making mods and a willingness to learn - however, that's probably not going to be the case if somebody applies without any modding experience.

Either way, modding ability is a factor in deciding whether you'll be accepted. If we're unsure about an applicant, we'll probably give them a test to see where they're at. If how you do on the test is unimpressive, obviously your chances of being further considered are greatly reduced.

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Old Mar 1, 2018   #4

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How many people are you guys looking for?
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Old Mar 1, 2018   #5
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We never work with fixed numbers here, so anything between 1 and 20 is ok.
If you feel you are fit for the position, then apply :3
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Old Mar 8, 2018   #6
<cocacobra> hes like an neckbeardling
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Congratulations to our first wave of new Modmakers, BloodyCups and Natejas!

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Old Mar 8, 2018   #7
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well if it isnt the man himself! if anyone doesnt know already natejas made boxshu, congrats!
ive seen bloodycups do alot of modmaking things lately too, he seems to have a passion for this kind of thing congrats!
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mod requests:
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Old Mar 22, 2018   #8
<cocacobra> hes like an neckbeardling
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The application period for ES Mod Team's Recruitment drive is now ended.

We are always taking applications, so if you missed this drive / don't hear anything back soon, you are always free to send in an application. Thank you to the people who applied, and congrats to the new ESMT members already introduced!

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