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Make Your Own Custom Item
I will like to see a feature in toribash where u can make your own force colors and relax colors using a color template but it will cost a lot of tc for example
Custom force color
Custom Relax color
Was this already suggested
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Joint Textures. Though I still like this idea. But there will have to be rules, because people could make a black force and sell it off as a void. So maybe rules are: You can't trade a custom force/relax and a custom force/relax will be labeled as: "Custom Force: (Name of your choice)" I like the idea still.
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70k and 60k isnt expensive. I would think it should be like 200k-150k. It basically gives you a choice of any color.

Seems like a interesting idea though.
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Shocker is right. The price will have to raise, maybe even higher than 200k cause quiet a few members are rich enough to buy around 15 - 5 sets of these if they were worth 200k. I just really hope the currency is TC if this gets approved.
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Toribash Dev
I can make you a full set of a custom color for only 20kk TC or $1500.

No, it's not going to happen.
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