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Originally Posted by whizkid14 View Post
My name is wht my nan used to call me then she died and to keep a positive memory in all games I enjoy playing I name myself this

she called you 'whiz kid fourteen'?
Hate Club.
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Obviously she called him whizkid and he originally made it when he was 12, 2 years ago. I think he forgot pass to old account.
Psychology, the way to win Toribash games.
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Blair, A name based off of a witch?
|Satan Loves You|
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Flame = Flame
Jesus = Jesus
Allah = Allah
Buddah = Buddha ( i miss spelled it by accident )

these are my names and there pretty straight forward
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Pirate- ....

i think you know what it means.
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Maxiboo is the name that we gave my dog... well actually it's Max but we call him Maxiboo. I love him so much that I dedicated most of my IGN to Maxiboo.
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Cobra - named similiar in honor to his uncle who played cod since cobra was a lil boy. Uncles gamertag was Snake1771. Favorite animal also adds to it.

[20:47:04] <hampa> send me 10000 tc and I name the kid after your account
[20:56:22] <Cobra> You've sent 10000 TC to hampa.
[20:56:41] <hampa> Cobra, a very manly name
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dr_who: a random name I came up with in a few minutes, mostly for the underscore
reimu: Best girl in Touhou!!
saku2010: pretty much just my real name + the year I registered in. (I was 10)

<Viddah> I am super gay
your honkers need to stop going bonkers

bang bang
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A combination between ''Adolph'' ( not hitler) and the god of wind. I think it was a Greek combination.
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