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Rebirth Tournament?
Thinking of putting together some form of Taekkyon/Erthtkv2 tournament.

Hopefully it would be a good way to breath a little air into the lungs of a mod that was for a while, taken off the public lists. More than half the time the current server is empty, or the people that join say they have never heard of tk, or quit mid game because wtf. There are times, groups of talented tkers flock, sometimes even old legends. All they need is a reason to play, something like this might do it; at least for a day or two.

Who would be keen to help out or host? I'm willing to donate prizes (Tc, Items, Art) and host if I have time.

Not sure what style of tournament would suit tho.
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Great Idea. I'd have no tc to help out with, but willing to host if I'm available.
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I am available to host or co host monday afternoon if you would like. around 5 or 7 gmt -5

a good ol fasion ko tourney would be great
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Hoping to do this in the next few days/on the weekend. Aquiring some TC for prizes and such. Perhaps make it a regular event weekly or fortnightly.

Forgot I was logged on alt, this is Aussie.
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Replay thread thing
Have any reports or issues?

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