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We've never been more proud of any major announcement from DVTO/BEEF GANG HQ, but it's finally here. The full feature length BEEF GANG album, featuring the most profound names in hip-hop history, such as Lil Dabbly, MF BEEF, Wifebeater, and more. Prepare to be bazooka dooka blasted by our pristine arsenal of words, beats, and minds. Thanks, everyone. Enjoy.

1. Courtesy of Skizzify (Hypez) 0:00

2. to my dream girl (Pimp) 0:48

3. Lil Dabbly - Fwigvi (Taco) 2:16

4. MF BEEF - HOW WE PLAY (Demon) 5:20

5. The trials and tribulations from an abused market monkey (Pimp) 7:00

6. Wifebeater - Luxury Nightcore (Hypez) 10:50


8. Mc Laith - Sand Monkey (Laith) 12:45

9. Lil Dewie - Grade A Beef (Taco) 13:19

10. Lil Dabbly - Whats for dinner (Lil dabbly) 15:02

11. lick my toe boy say FEEAR I'M YOUR LIL DOGGIE (Pimp) 16:52

12. casanegra (Demon) 19:28

13. Lil Dabbly - beef es rage (Taco) 21:55

14. Mishimoto Man San Tiddies (Demon) 24:25

15. Docta Bushneega - Zimbabwe (Taco) 30:25

16. MF BEEF - EPIC FACE (Demon) 32:12
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pour up for a$ap
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