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Old Oct 30, 2017   #1
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Hey everyone! I'm MilfMama!
Hello Everyone! I'm MilfMama, or some of you know me as Mama milf on discord!
I'm Milf's wife.(: Since he has been so involved in the community I decided to learn how to play and try to participate as much as possible!
I still kinda suck right now but I'm slowly getting better!!
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MAMA!! Welcome to the community. Enjoy your stay and held my boi Milf.
"If I make a mistake, I'll learn. If I get it right, I'll teach you."
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Hello MilfMama, welcome to the community! I am a member of the Help Squad, so is Milf.
We're the people you contact if you need help and such.
I'm Help Squad, and Event Squad, have questions or want to send me an application PM me.
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omg, hey mama!! glad to have you in the tb community!!

here's a list of all staff you can contact for various purposes. this is helpful if you have any question or requests. help squad is listed in grey, we answer most questions, and if you need an administrator, we get them to you as fast as possible.

it seems you've already seen the beginnger giveaway, so i'll assume you're learning fast feel free to pm any of us for help!
hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord
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Im so proud to have my wife join me in this incredible community!! She has known many members even before making an account. Yea I may have influenced her, but it was you guys that hooked her in! Some of us has seen her play and she's definitely a natural! #NewGenerationLegend
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Hey mama, glad to see you around here as well, hope you have a nice stay, if theres anything me or my clan can help you with, just let us know!
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wassup, welcome to the community
hope you enjoy your stay!

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Aye, glad to see new members in the community, hope you've had a great time so far and good luck getting better, its a pain in the ass at first but its well worth the time. Again, welcome and good luck!
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woah gril gamer? Impossible.

Enjoy your stay and you better not leave.
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