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Old Nov 4, 2017   #1
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There should be a rule against ES stuff when a decent bet server is around.
So, i almost put this into staff complains but this seemed more appropriat since i dont wanna step on anyone shoes or anything.
But i personally really think there should be a rule agains ES members doing events while theres a decent bet server.
Now u might think ,,what does the es stuff got to do with any random dude doing a bet server,, . well hear me out.
The bet servers are an event on their own, in my opinion, an even much more fun event then es tourney or victory. but thats just personal opinion right?
Well, the hosts of the bet servers most of the time put tc in their bet servers. wich makes them more valuable then the events of the event squad since they just have to start the thing and are done with it. same goes for the work, bet servers require sooo much more work then hosting a tourney, since u got to nudge all the time and not just watch out for slurs and stuff like that.
And the biggest point of all, ES stuff always just dead ass kills bet servers, no matter how good the bet server is, its always dead while the ES stuff.
and sometimes the es doesnt just host one tourney while the bet server is around, no, they even host 2 after another. wich kinda doesnt give the bet server a chance to revieve.
Which is really unfair towards people who want to bet in bet servers. but most of all its unfair towards the hosts of the servers, i mean what if an es member has a gruch against some host and uses this to kill his servers.
So, dont take this as an offense or anything but i really think there should be done something about this.
And i know u all experienced this phenomenom of bet servers dieing while es stuff is around. so please consider this and dont just brush it off ur shoulders.
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Old Nov 4, 2017   #2
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not meaning this to be biased, but if we didn't host whenever a bet server was running, we wouldn't find as many times to host, because people think like we do. they host bet servers when a lot of people are on and we host events when a lot of people are on. I try not to host when a good bet server is up, but rarely I'd host regardless. however, if you want us to host more bet servers then I personally will try to do more if that's what people would like.
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I was ES for a time a year ago. Generally, we were told to be mindful of bet servers going on and to try hosting after they cool down, if we can. The management is the same so I imagine thats still a sentiment among ES members.

On the other hand, people will join whatever they think looks more fun. If people join an es server after its globaled, it means it was the perfect time to host, whether they leave a bet server or not. A hosters job is to get people have have more fun regardless of other servers.
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Old Nov 4, 2017   #4
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well etourneys dont need many players, in fact they would go a lot faster and smoother if u would do them with not so many players online. and it would give the not so good players a chance to win them as well. but bet servers do need many players online and they do need the good players online. but yes, i would appreciate more bet servers done by the esqaud.
i didnt see ur post there pouffy and ur right people will join what looks more fun. but people also tend to think that eventsquad stuff is more ''special'' wich it is not really these days since they do an etourney every other day just like the bet servers.
and i also think that bet servers hosted by normal players is basically just people doing the eventsquads job. wich makes this double event hosting as u might call it even more bizar to me.

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People used to complain about never being around for these official gm/es tourneys, and so the staff adapted to create more tournies, and place these tournies meticulously so that as many people as possible can have the opportunity to take part. And so, as Blur has mentioned, they look for when I good number of people are on (Generally around 7-12pm GMT seems to be the most populated time for the majority of players- personal observation not statistics) so they can give as many people that want to take part, the opportunity.

From my experience, the only times I've felt inclined to leave a bet server for a tournament is when the betting server had been below par, as only then did the tournament become a worthwhile alternative.

What I would like to see however, is scheduled bet servers (whether it's by a set roster of applicants or taken up as another role of the event squad) in these peak times- that are just left with one or two people in charge of the server, all rake goes to decapprize, and people can just be left to bet under the wing of an official server.

That is my side suggestion^
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I'm not ES and have never been. However, I can say that in all my years the Es and Gms were pretty considerate of bet servers. Most I've known have avoided conflicting and usually check the actual betting activity of a server with a bit of lurking.

It would be interesting to have an Es bet server roster. Or a separate entity that can communicate with and plan tourneys and bets, bit tgat would be time consuming and change very little besides work loads
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Old Nov 7, 2017   #7
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I'm not sure how much is the activity of toribash players at this time but since I stopped playing, now I always see players in either bet servers or Etournies, rarely on any public servers.
There shouldn't be a rule such as not hosting Etourney while betting because most people prefer Etournies because its fun and everyone gets a chance to play rather than in bets servers where its all rigging and pay-to-play.
But as I mentioned earlier, toribash's activity is going down. So we need both tournies as well as bet servers. For the solution, the ES as well as Bet hosters should be mindful to only host 1 tourney or bet server each day so both have the chance to host equally.
Because Etournies mostly remain for 1 hour while bet servers go up for more than 2 hours at times when a lot of activity. So even if there's a tourney going on, bet server can be revived after an hour or so.

Just a suggestion/advice for ES to not pick extra-long mods in tournies. Consumes a lot of time for each and everyone to play.
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Old Nov 8, 2017   #8
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Mind you ES have a life to live through the day, if they manage to only be able to host at specific times each day and it so happens to be when a Betserver is running, well tough luck then.
Forbidding ES to host because some non ES stuff is happening isnt doable.
We could pretty much disband ES then because noone has time to host a times that make sense

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Old Nov 9, 2017   #9
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Originally Posted by Reta View Post
Mind you ES have a life to live through the day, if they manage to only be able to host at specific times each day and it so happens to be when a Betserver is running, well tough luck then.
We could pretty much disband ES then because noone has time to host a times that make sense

The only thing annoys me about staff at this point is that everything they do is forced. No one is having fun from my point of view. And when you ask about their lack of interest, they excuse they have a LIFE. Why don't we pick staff which are new and mature people to the game and want to have some fun while leading the community?
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Old Nov 9, 2017   #10
We do have such people in staff. "Having a life" means people can't host at night or from work/school/uni. Considering non-staff events are usually hosted at the same time period when most ES are online, well yes you'll have multiple events happening at the same time. If a non-staff betting server is good though, it wouldn't lose all players because there's way more than 25-32 players online at peak times.
If you were referring to yourself when speaking about people who would do ES work better, sorry you're not an example of a mature user.

Not much else to discuss here anymore, closing the thread.
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