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Some Ideas for toribash's sequel (assuming there will be)
Ive been playing toribash for about a year and a half, and I think I can help incite some ideas for any possible sequel Nabi may be cooking up.

1 - Improved mod maker

Mods are the key to toribash, so why not make them simpler to make?
the current mod maker requires you to put in the individual coordinate for every shape you place, not to mention the individual dimensions of the shapes. a better way to do this would be with some kind of real time building mode, similar to minecraft or more accurately, robocraft editor.

2 - more control

one of the most frustrating aspects of toribash is balance and momentum, both of these can potentially be helped/fixed by simply adding a joint to the foot, now I know Nabi has already expressed that they dont want to say, add fingers or whatever but I think this can be simplified. just a small joint that only rotates a few degrees and of course, doesn't DQ

3 - better weapons

now this is a bit of an extension to the mods part, but I think this should be separate.
Honestly, I am a bit sick of square-tipped grey katanas, I think it would be better if swords had actual tips, textures and even only dismember on the bladed side in the case of a single edge like a Katana. and I think weapons should be separate from mods entirely. Im thinking Home>setup>weapons tab. so you could choose any weapon and possibly dual wield different combinations. (also it would be really fuckin cool if I could like stab Uke and the sword would get like stuck in there. and dont call me fucked up you would enjoy that too xD)

please share your ideas

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Regarding your modding suggestions. It has been said to me and others that you may be able to import mods when Tbn is released.
I have talked about this with a few devs, all of which said it is likely that in Toribash Next we will have the option to import mods, or the mod interface and workings will be upgraded.
Your more control thingy suggestion, I simply don't think I could play a Troibash with finger/foot/toe joints. It seems very weird and pointless.
It just wouldn't feel right. How would that work with Toribash??
If you could give me an elaboration on how extra joints would behave I may be more keen to promote this idea, but until then, I do not see a point.

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I think he means the front half of the foot can bend upward like toes.

It wouldn't add that much, honestly.
It would help with realism but it's almost pointless for casual play.
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The modmaker we have today is already very simple and does allow you to move the objects with your mouse, however that is very wonky at the moment. You only need a basic knowledge of z, x and y coordinates and rbg color codes to build a good looking atmosphere.

I don't think many more joints are needed, and it would just be confusing for beginners.
I would like to see a feature that lets modders add more joints however, would be handy for sparring, mas and parkour.

I don't think Hampa ever tried to implement weapons in Toribash and considering that we still have weapons, I see no reason to improve them via the actuall game engine.
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I think you overestimate the value of dragging things in modmaker. Ive made my fair share of mods and having just the coordinates is actually helpful, it encourages accuracy and prevents you from needing to go back later to fine tune everything (which would take ages).

Of course, everyone has a different workflow so maybe someone else could say differently.

I like the idea of being able to add/remove independent joints. I was working on a mod a while back where it would have been SUPER convenient to be able to disconnect some joints from each other and add new ones connecting to whatever body part you like. No idea how possible that is, but people could do fuckin cool shit with it (I was working on a piano that would have used hit-sounds to play, with bodyparts as the keys).

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