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Old Jul 9, 2018   #1
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Clan League 2018 - Applications now closed

It's finally here! Gather your clan mates, wake up the inactive and get ready for Clan League 2018!
Time is now for your clan to rise up and usurp the belt from Alpha.
Will the conquest of Alpha be over? Or will they reign victorious for another year?

To qualify your clan must meet the following requisites:

• At least two months old ---------------------
• A roster of at minimum 5 active members.
(Roster cannot be edited after the deadline.)

Rules for participation are as follows:

• Anyone found to be in multiple rosters on alternate accounts will be punished harshly. -----------------------------------------------
• Failure to organise matches will result in disqualification for both clans, unless one clan has been shown to be making more effort.
• Reporting match scores should include the score clearly, a list of participants and all replays. -----------------------------------------
• No Player may play more than 4 games in a single match and no more than 2 games per mod. --------------------------------------

To sign up your clan for this year's clan league, fill out the below form and reply to this post. now free!

Clan Name: Leader(s): Clan Age: Average GMT: Roster*:
You've got 14 days from the OP to apply, that is 23/07/18
*A reminder that your fighting roster cannot be changed after the deadline.

Once we have everyone accounted for, the mods, prizes and bracket will be revealed. Happy Clanning!

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Old Jul 9, 2018   #2
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Clan: Obey

Alpha in 2018 OMEGALUL.

Obey taking this one B)
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Old Jul 9, 2018   #3
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Clan: Liquor

Gl to everyone
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Old Jul 9, 2018   #4
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Clan: Saint

Only a month later...
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Old Jul 9, 2018   #5
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hmmm... nice one. i dont think blaze is old enough to compete, but who cares.

also how much time do we have until you stop the applications? would love to know in case blaze can join or not.
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Old Jul 9, 2018   #6
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Clan: Adventure

Finally, well done guys.
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Old Jul 21, 2018   #7
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Our Roster
Clan Name: Neko Clan
Leader(s): Musli / Pomses / Jinx (Co-Leader)
Clan Age: 3 Years
Average GMT: +2
Roster: Musli / Pomses / Jinx / Morrigun / 1mpala / Tlulse
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Old Jul 9, 2018   #8
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Clan: Obey

bing badaboom

Obey swooping in for the easy win

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Old Jul 9, 2018   #9
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Clan: Obey

woo! happy it's finally here, Obey takin this one
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Old Jul 9, 2018   #10
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Where is Swaves...
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