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Old May 7, 2017   #111
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As someone said "You live life for the moment"
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"There are two most important days in one's life, the day they're born, and the day they find out why" - Mark Twain. life is meant to find meaning to it, find your purpose, and do something with that purpose. :3

I also always say to myself that nothing worth going to is easy, because well life is hard, no one says life is easy, it is worth it. ^_^
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Old May 15, 2017   #113
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I am not religious but I always hold the possibility that I could be wrong.

If death is nothingness, then we are already dead, any adult can tell you time flies quick, it feels like you were a kid for only a short period of time.
You can spend the rest of your life being the most successful person or the poorest, it won't matter if you die. if death is nothingness then you will die in a blink of an eye, you will be here today and on your deathbed faster than you know it. This is why I tell people live life how you want, not making the best of anything, live a life where you are happy. If you are happy fishing, live your life fishing, if your happy playing card games all your life, do that, it won't matter when your dead.

If there is something to death, a life before death, in my opinion then your choices matter depending on you believe that is. If there really is a heaven or hell, then a good portion of us in this new generation wasted our eternity rather than our life. But (IMO) What about someone who was raised without any knowledge of Christianity? Will they burn in hell? What about a child being raised to kill? A child born into an army of terrorist? They are only taught to kill, they have no proper understanding of what is right and wrong? Are they going to hell? This was something that they had no control over.

I'm mixed about it but I fully understand what you're sayin Veoo.

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If we were to be completely and truly honest with ourselves, life is completely meaningless, almost everything that we base of ideologies are completely made up and have no proof to be existing, time is made up, almost everything an average human bases their life off of is made up by some other washed out, dead human. Everyone dies, oh well if you made a name for yourself before you died you don't get to be alive when your name is big.
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Life is meaningless, but the beauty of human assistance is that we put meaning into it. Meaningless has meaning to it , much like nothing, is something. I think the true beauty of life is finding the unseen. Optimism is looking for what is there, that no one else can see.
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Old May 21, 2017   #116
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It is God’s plan for each of us that we “be conformed to the likeness of his Son” (Romans 8:29). Even in this life, we “are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory” (2 Corinthians 3:1. Paul labored with the Galatians “until Christ is formed in you” (Galatians 4:19). He told the Ephesians that our goal is “attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13).

In Christ, we have a new identity and a new purpose for living. The new self is “to be like God in true righteousness and holiness” (Ephesians 4:22-24). We are to be like God not just in the resurrection, but even, to the extent possible, in this life. We are becoming like Jesus, who showed us what God is like when living in the flesh. We are not just hoping to be like him in the next life we are to be like him in this life.

We do not need to look like Jesus physically. We do not try to match his carpentry skills, his language skills, or his knowledge of agriculture. Rather, we are to be like him “in true righteousness and holiness.” In our behavior and in our devotion to God, we are to be like Jesus Christ.
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Old May 22, 2017   #117
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Why are we alive?
This is a religious question, because if you are not religious, or in a belief system there is no proven "why" as far as todays understanding of the universe goes in the scientific community there are no reasons or purposes to anything in that sense of the word.

You can say something happened because the previous actions or reactions led up this event, But there are no grand scheme in the non-theist belief systems.
This I know have been mentioned many times earlier.

So yes lets continiue quoting bible verses please...

"why are you alive" is perhaps a better question, because that includes your personal reasoning for being alive. Why haven't you killed yourself yet.

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there is no answer to this question
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Care to elaborate? Why is the question unanswerable?
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Because back when the only life that existed was single celled organisms and ones that randomly had features which caused them to survive and replicate lived on. The ones which didn't obviously died.

So over time we now have all these organisms and animals which are alive today simply because if they didn't want to be alive they would have died out. We're alive inherently because we just are. The only reason we have language, emotions, concept of family/friends etc is because somewhere along the line it proved beneficial for our survival.

Life, objectively, has no purpose or meaning. But our goal or aim in life is a different question I think. To me it's to find joy, conquer fear, live morally, make a difference in the world, help others and then be proud and happy when it all ends and live on in the memories of my friends and family. But in the long run nothing you do will matter so just chill and enjoy your time.
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