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shop problem
idk where to submit this, but if you're viewing the shop and sorting by color, superior and onyx doesnt show up in the list of colors.

i tried to tell the admin rick but he said he doesnt care and he tried to say that it wasn't supposed to show it. long convo over some stupid shit

he also threatened to edit the post and said he would change my post.

i know no one uses that feature, but it's still missing and a pretty ez thing to fix. if you use the argument that the feature is not used, then dont have it in the game. (this part is for rick)
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There's uh... There's no admin named Rick. Idk who you were talking to, but I'm fairly sure it wasn't an admin.

He's talking about bands.

Not sure why we don't have onyx and superior as colours in the sorted colours tab, it would be nice to have them in there

he calls me an admin because he's a bit challenged sometimes
hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord

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Boreal is another one that's missing.

We had to get hampa to add every one of the colours back when they were being released, so that's what you gotta do now.
Whabb owo
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