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Discount on amount of items in torishop
Heyo to everyone,

I've got a great idea (maybe). For example i like 512X512 head textures, and i like to collect them and also i am selling them. It would be great incase i will have more toricredits and if i could buy from the shop 100 head textures and get a discount of 20-30%. Right now i have tc, but i cannot buy heads because i don't have vedors for them, in torishop it's 20k per each but in market it's 19,5k per one so i can't find them. My only way right now is just to wait someone to sell me one piece, but i want 100 heads..

Buy 10 heads - 5% discount

Buy 20 heads - 18% disccount

Buy 100 heads - 35% discount

... and here stop, no more discount

What would you say about that ?
about discount on nr.of items bought in shop
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Could be great but marketing isn't a important thing on the Torishop

Users buys stuff on the torishop to wear/use it, not to get profit (if u buy smth for 20k you won't sell them for more than that in a market where that item/thing is worth 15k)

The torishop is used to buy ítems yo wear/use it, you always could sell the ítems that you've buyed but losing tc

Is a good idea but the torishop isn't a really viable way to get profit
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