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Clan Achievement changes
Suggestions :

Host your first forum event
Recruit [X] amount of members
Get [X] amount of posts on your main thread
Host your first tourney, perhaps create this as an option in of itself rather than a normal server to make things easier to track (if possible), e.g. a 'Create tourney' option
War at least one clan every day for a week (with incremental changes, e.g. for 2 weeks, a month etc)
Getting a full house of members
War the same clan(or Win against the same clan)[X] amount of times
Become rivals with another clan (2 clans who are both each other's most warred)
Have all clan members reach a certain belt, e.g. Black belt, 5th dan, 10th dan etc

All of the above changes are open to modification of course

I think these changes would be beneficial, especially to up and coming clans. It provides both an aim to achieve as well as a guide for newer clans to follow. I've noticed a lot of clan members/leaders are lost in terms of what to do with their clan, I think this will make things slightly easier as it carves out a path for them. These changes provide the clans with incentive to stay active and achieve the new goals as a lot can be done with them. For instance, little mini-games or Easter eggs even. It would overall create a much richer environment, as forum activity would naturally increase. The current achievements are just bland and provide you with no satisfaction. They're practically all the same, with slight changes to the quantity required, e.g. Win [X] amount of wars, Stay active for a week/month/year. They hold no real meaning, and are quite simply just boring. I could probably think of some more suggestions but for now I'll leave it as it is. I'm hopeful fellow clan leaders/members agree with these implementations and that these changes will be considered, please don't let this be disregarded. If you have any suggestions of your own, feel free to pop them down below - don't be shy

Have a happy and blessed new year everyone! More life

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